Stress in children

Stress in children

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Stress is the most important problem of today's societies who live fast and have no time to rest. We are all affected by the stress, we keep saying that we are tired of the hustle and bustle of life, we need to listen, but we continue to run in the same way every day without a break. How do you think this fast-lived life affects our children? Some of us think that children are comfortable and do not affect stress. Children can feel the stress just as much as you do and show it to you with both psychological and physical symptoms.

How can I tell if my child is under stress?

    ● If you notice significant changes in your child's mood and movement, this may be because your child is feeling stressed. Examples of depressive mood, introversion, observable anxiety, sleep and eating problems, a lack of interest in previous activities and a significant lack of interest in games can be listed as symptoms that you will observe in your stressed child.
    ● Sudden severe cries or excessive anger.
    ● Inability to control their behavior.
    ● Sudden indifference to the social environment (non-play with friends or sudden aggressive behavior during play…).
    ● Negative changes in academic performance.
    ● Negative changes observed in relationships with parents and other relatives.
    ● Frequent requests to avoid sleeping and having problems sleeping.
    ● Physical complaints (headache or abdominal pain, digestive problems, etc.)
    ● And other physical and mental symptoms that you have not noticed before and that you have not been able to attribute to a specific cause when you do…

Sources of stress seen in children…

According to experts, there are two main causes of stress in children, these are the reasons that arise due to internal resources and the reasons that arise due to external resources.

Reasons according to internal sources kaynak

1. Causes of child development: Children go through different stages of development as they grow up. Each stage of development has its own difficulties. Children can sometimes feel stressed and show some symptoms when dealing with these difficulties. For example, suppose your child is in a period when he or she needs to acquire a toilet habit. This begins when your child grows and enters a different phase of development, and now your child has a responsibility to control the functioning of his body, but he needs time and the power to tackle it until he turns it into a habit.

2. Causes due to the characteristics of the child: Your child may be inward, sensitive and easily affected by external factors. Or, on the contrary, it can have an outward-facing character that is open to social environments. The character traits of children determine how they will be affected by external factors. Your child may be more susceptible to stress if he has a sensitive and introvert character.

3. Physical reasons: A physical disability or chronic discomfort your child has can cause him / her to be stressed, perceive external events differently and experience stress. In this case, we recommend that you seek medical and psychological help, and we recommend that you take measures to help your child integrate more easily into social life.

Reasons according to external sources…

1. Family factor: an uneasy and irregular family environment will cause the child to feel psychologically uncomfortable and cause some stress symptoms.

2. Factors related to friends: It is very important that the child feels comfortable in school or in other groups of friends. If your child feels ostracized or weak in a friend environment, he or she may show signs of stress.

3.Activity spree: As parents, we want our child to be well-equipped, but we forget to set some limits and keep him running to this activity. We can forget that our child may get tired, bored or not want to continue these activities and we do not think about it. Stress can occur in such situations, please be careful and show your child that you care about him.

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