When Does Postnatal Sex Request Come Back?

When Does Postnatal Sex Request Come Back?

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Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. View Cihat's Full Profile The fact that women start postpartum sexual intercourse when they feel ready will have positive results for both themselves and their spouses.

After birth, sexual desire may be reduced for some time. This reduction is generally of psychological origin. After the 12th week, the desire for sex returns. Increasing milk hormone during your breastfeeding period can suppress estrogen hormone and cause dryness in the vagina. Glycerin can be used as a relaxing measure against this dryness. Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. View Cihat's Full Profile She said that if women start sexual intercourse after they feel ready, it will have positive results for both themselves and their spouses.

Couples rebuild after birth sex with their understanding and harmony (especially of men) is very important. Professor Dr. Famous, postpartum hemorrhage before the relationship is not completely cut, he says. In general, the inflammation-protective environment of the vagina is affected during bleeding. Protection against microbes is decreasing. We need to wait for the bleeding to end. In this way, it is possible to be protected from inflammatory diseases.

Breast-feeding Giving information about protection during the period. Dr. Cihat Ünlü, whether cesarean or normal; they say that they do not recommend a new pregnancy for at least one year for the recovery of the body after birth. Because within a year, the body can fully recover.

Professor The celebrity gives the following information about the ways of protection during breastfeeding:

- Breastfeeding your baby, up to 3 months after birth provides protection from pregnancy. At the end of this period, its protection continues to decrease because “ovulation (usually starts after the third month. It returns to its normal period after five and six months.

- You can attach the spiral after the first menstruation after birth. The use of condoms by your partner also provides protection when used correctly.

- People who cannot use spiral and condom methods can be given depo three-month depot progestins.. No harm to your milk. Provides protection for exactly 90 days, after which it must be re-made.

- It is an alternative to use long-acting, subcutaneous implants (containing progesterone) after your third month.

- Contraceptive pills contain both estrogen and progestins. We do not recommend taking birth control pills during your breastfeeding period.

- If you no longer want a new child after your birth and you are over 35 years old, you can have lig ligation) procedure.

- The tube ligation process can be performed during your surgery by obtaining your consent for the procedure before your delivery by cesarean section. If the tubes are connected, you should be absolutely determined not to want a baby because the return is negligible.

- Other birth control methods; cervical cap, intravaginal suppositories and creams, and withdrawal methods (coitus interruptus) are less protective methods.

Psychiatry Specialist from Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital Y. Özay Özdemir made the following suggestions about the issues to be considered after sex:

- Inform your partner about the changes in your body after birth. The vaginal mucosa (intravaginal skin) is thinner and more sensitive, especially during the first three months, and vaginal wetting may be less than before birth.

- During sexual intercourse vaginal wetting and vaginal opening may take longer than before birth.

- Avoid short-term sexual intercourse with a focus on sexual intercourse. Try to spend longer time for pre-merger sexual games. In particular, the first three months after birth, focusing on bodily sensations, make regular sex applications.

- Practice touching each other in turn (back side of body first, then front face). Do not aim to achieve immediate sexual satisfaction when applying parts other than genitalia alone, then touching the entire body, including genitalia.

- For sexual intercourse, choose positions where you can be active and manage sexual intercourse. If you are intensely worried about having sexual intercourse, if you feel pain and pain during the intercourse attempt, do not insist on maintaining the intercourse.

- Postpartum, especially up to the third month, contractions during sexual satisfaction (orgasm) (muscle contraction and relaxation around the sexual area) may be less and less intense.

- Spouses (males) may also have complex feelings in the postnatal period. On the one hand, the feelings of being ebeveyn being a parent ”, on the other hand, the husbands wavering between the situation of the spouse who are experiencing various changes due to pregnancy and birth. Under the influence of all this, there may be changes in their sexual reactions. Sexual they may find it difficult to control the ejaculation when there is no problem until now.

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