Attention to Infections in Pregnancy!

Attention to Infections in Pregnancy!

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Not every infection affects the development of the unborn baby. However, there is a fact to be known that some; miscarriage, preterm labor and various anomalies in the baby. Bahçeci Clinic Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy Describes those curious about infections.

: - Rubella is a question mark in the minds of expectant mothers. What are your suggestions?
Kiss. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy Since the majority of mothers are vaccinated in childhood, rubella is very rare in pregnancy. Vaccination during pregnancy is not recommended, if the mother is not immune to this disease, she should be vaccinated 3 months before conception. If rubella germ is taken especially in the first three months, it may cause blindness, deafness, serious developmental anomalies in the heart and brain in the baby. At your first pregnancy check, your blood will be tested for your immunity to this disease. If you are not immune, you should avoid children with rash and febrile illness during pregnancy. Blood test infection also tells you whether you have just taken the germ. Sometimes it is necessary to investigate the presence of infection by performing amniocentesis.

: Is chickenpox a risk?
Kiss. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy 95% of mothers are immune to this disease. If the infection is taken during pregnancy, it is more serious than childhood infection and may cause severe pneumonia. If you take this disease less than a week before your birth, your baby may be infected, as your baby will not get enough protective antibodies from you. Skin and extremity anomalies may occur in 1-2% of babies whose mothers have chickenpox in the first 3 months. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the mothers who are infected will be vaccinated to reduce the anomalies in the baby.

: - Is mumps a problem?
Kiss. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy It is known that when this germ is taken in the first 3 months, it increases the risk of miscarriage slightly. There is no evidence of anomaly.

: - What problems does being a hepatitis B carrier cause?
Kiss. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy If the mother is the carrier of this disease or gets this infection during pregnancy, there is a risk that the baby will become infected. This virus does not cause anomalies in the infant, but may cause premature birth, low birth weight and liver disease in the infant. Immunoglobulin should be given against this disease as soon as the baby is born and the vaccine should be given in cases where the mother is positive for this virus.

: - If the mother has AIDS, will she ever get it?
Kiss. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy If the mother has this virus, the possibility of transmission to the baby during pregnancy is very high. It can also be transmitted to the baby during birth or during breastfeeding. The risk of transmission of the disease to the baby can be reduced by administering appropriate drugs to the mother. Again, delivery by cesarean section reduces the risk of transmission to the baby. These mothers are not recommended to breastfeed their babies.

: - Can foods taken cause infection?
Kiss. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy Listeriosis is a flu-like bacterial disease transmitted by unpasteurized milk and cheese and infected animals made with this milk. When taken during pregnancy, it causes miscarriage, stillbirth or serious infection in the baby. In this respect, it is recommended that pregnant women do not consume such foods. Salmonella is a bacterial infection transmitted from foods such as eggs and chickens. Symptoms include headache, nausea, stomach complaints, tremor and fever. The baby is not affected unless there is a serious illness. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease transmitted by uncooked meat and chicken, vegetables and infected cat droppings and soil. In case of active infection during pregnancy, 30% of the baby may have infection. If taken in the first 3 months, it may cause miscarriage or stillbirth, and may cause serious problems with the baby, blindness, brain damage, liver and spleen enlargement. If you are diagnosed with this disease during pregnancy, the presence of infection in the baby can be detected by serial ultrasonographic examination and amniocentesis. Medication to be given to you reduces infection to the baby.

: - What is the danger of sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. More professionals named esra aksoy There are two types of herpes viruses in genital herpes; the first causes herpes around the web and the second causes lesions in the genital area. The second type reaches the baby during childbirth or pregnancy, causing infection. Abortion or serious infection with the baby may occur with encephalitis. If there is an active herpes lesion in the genital area at the time of delivery, the delivery should be by caesarean section in order to prevent transmission to the baby. Treatment is doubtful. If you have a history of herpes infection, you may be advised to take anti-viral treatment in the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.

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