What awaits bull sign this year?

What awaits bull sign this year?

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It's like 'dark chocolate' for bulls this year. You will experience many great things, but you will make a lot of effort for them. You are having difficulties because you are engaged in big jobs. The rule of this game.
The solar eclipse on March 9 and the lunar eclipse on October 17 indicate radical changes in your beliefs or activities. Until the 24th of November, you will deal with love, sex all year and personal development. After November 24, you will be more involved in life. You will spend more time with your friends and organizations as of this date, while you are interested in spirituality until 23 June. Now, let's look at the developments that await you next year in detail:

Home and family
Since 17 July 2005, your family relationships have been an important and possibly problematic area of ​​your life. It is worth mentioning that you will experience 'turbulent' days for a while. This leads to a desire to retreat or leave your shell. But it's neither easy nor convenient. Therefore, you will need more efforts to organize your private life.

Problems waiting to be solved at home can sometimes arise from a baby who has just joined the family or from a distant relative. To the extent that you make the most of your own time, they will no longer be a problem. You may experience depressive periods from time to time; Do not hesitate to contact your psychologist if depression deepens.

If you intend to renovate or expand your home, the best period is from June 3 to August 23. It is best to choose between 12 August and 6 September for decoration.

Love and social life
This year will be socially perfect, perhaps your best year. Starting in October 2005, after Jupiter entered Scorpio, this period will last for two more years. For singles, we can say that marriage or a very serious relationship appears at the end of the tunnel. Those who are 'head tied' get ready to experience more romantic days than ever before. A good and bad news for those expecting a second marriage: A pleasant social life is waiting for them, but do not force the marriage business. It is better for those who seek third marriage to create alternatives instead of marrying again!

All the bulls are waiting for new and 'important' friends. New business partnerships may also be approaching. Besides, isn't partnership a kind of 'marriage'? Socially brilliant is the brightest days of the year, 19 February-20 March, 21-22 June and 23 Oct m-21 December will live between, well evaluate.

Finance and career
Money has always been important to bulls. But this is not the year you are the strongest in financial matters. There will be no big increases in your earnings, but it is very likely that you will get some money from outside. For example, you may inherit, your insurance money may have accumulated. The planet that is affecting your financial affairs is Mercury, a fast-moving planet. This planet is descending three times this year; your earnings may also decrease during these periods. More rigorous review of your business ventures between 2-25 March, 4-29 July and 28 October-18 November.

The vitality in your social life will also affect your career positively. You are very idealistic in your career, and you prefer the industries that are candidates to change the world. Perhaps it is this idealism that complicates many things, especially your family relationships. Fortunately, the stars will help you meet the right people in the right places for your career. For this, we recommend that you evaluate the period from 20 January to 20 March very well. isfrom.

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