Your first days after birth

Your first days after birth

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Sleep as much as you can within the first week after birth. Do not spend your spare time tiring with the purpose of doing things you can not do during pregnancy. The only thing you need right now is rest. After birth, you will be surprised to look at your body. Your belly is small, your breasts are huge, your legs are thick. If you start with light exercises on the first day after birth and gradually increase them, your body will enter the prenatal form.

Postpartum pains:
You may experience pain in the first days after birth. You should ask your doctor or nurse about anything you can think of. In the first few days, there may be pain in your groin, especially when suckling. The reason for this is the reflex stimulated by the breast, the contractions of the uterus to return to their original state. These indicate that your body is returning to normal. These pains can last for days. If contractions are very severe you can get painkillers.

Frequent urination in the first days is normal to remove excess water collected during pregnancy. You may find it difficult to urinate at the beginning, but you should try to urinate immediately after birth. Get up and walk around for your administration to come. Sit in warm water, you can leave it in the water when the urine is sterile. Then wash. If you have stitches, you can pour warm water on the stitches while urinating to remove the stinging sensation.

You may have bleeding for at least two weeks after birth. Bleeding ceases more quickly if you are breastfeeding your baby. Initially, the bleeding is light colored and mostly. It gradually gets darker in color. Bleeding may continue until the first menstruation. You can use a sanitary napkin for this. Inserted tampons are not recommended due to the possibility of carrying disease agents.

You may not need to go to the toilet one or two days after birth. The sooner you get up and walk after birth, the sooner your bowel movements start. Drink plenty of water and eat fiber foods. Do not wait when the feeling of going to the toilet, but do not force yourself in the toilet, do not push. It is unlikely that your stitches will open when you make your toilet, but you can still put it on with a clean cloth.

Sutures may cause pain in the first days. Most stitches melt within a week, the outsiders may fall. In order to accelerate healing, exercise the pelvic muscles immediately after birth. Keep seams clean by sitting in warm water. Dry thoroughly after washing.For this purpose you can use a hair dryer that blows warm air. You can alleviate the pain by placing an ice bag on the sewing area.

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