Stubborn, I gave birth to normal

Stubborn, I gave birth to normal

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How long after his marriage was Mehmet born?
We got married on 09.09.2009. Mehmet was born 19 months later. Now he's 20 months old.

How did you know you were pregnant?
When my delay occurred, I suspected and took a test. When the result was positive, I went to my wife with joy. Meanwhile, Nevzat lay with 40 degrees of fire. When I told her I was pregnant, she asked, "What, really?" He was both surprised and happy.

How did the pregnancy go?
I was very comfortable in the first months. I've only had severe nausea a few times. I even worked until the 6th month of my pregnancy. I presented Kelime 1 Word 1 Processing ”program published on TRT. Part of the program was filmed in the studio in Ankara. I ran a shuttle between Ankara and Adana. There were times when I felt tired, but everything was going as it should. After a while, my movements slowed down. It was good for me to spend this period working. After the 6th month, we started to prepare for the baby slowly.

Anything you've transcended?
I'm over the quince dessert. I was watching a program on TV, someone was eating so quaintly quince dessert that I was in love with. My wife was at a business meeting. I immediately telephoned and said, yap What do you need? Et Other than that, I've never exceeded it.

What bothered you the most during your pregnancy?
The people who saw me on the road came and told me horrible birth stories ilem My parents didn't say anything bad to support me, they didn't say anything, but almost all the women I met on the road were asking how to give birth and then telling their own birth stories. I was really swollen from listening to these stories.

You had a normal birth and finally succeeded nasıl How did the birth go?
My doctor guided and encouraged me very well. I believed him, I trusted him, and I decided that I would have a normal birth, but Mehmet had no intention of being born in his arbitrary place, he was eating, drinking, wandering in his mother's belly. Every night before going to bed, I used to blow my hair, check my birth bag, apply my creams and lay there. The next day, my wife went to work, "Today I have a small job outside the city, you do not give birth?" I was saying, “No, no, I don't give birth, you go easy. Gel Every day my friends called me “Did you give birth? Telefon. I said, “No, I couldn't give birth today. Ip Then one day I did not expect a moment, and even towards the evening, my labor pains began and we went to the hospital. I was in labor until 12 o'clock at night, and then all the pains suddenly stopped. They took me back to my room. My mother and my sister-in-law had placed the items in the birth bag in the room. I didn't like their installations, so I edited them myself. Then I sat down with my wife and watched a movie. At 8 in the morning, we took action again, gave 10 hours of artificial pain, but still had no signs of birth. Now my family has begun to insist that I have a caesarean section. Only me and my wife didn't give up our normal birth decision. Soon after the birth began and gave birth in 37 minutes.

Have you never had a caesarean section?
I didn't Geç Although I was in such a pain, I wanted to give birth to normal because there was no risk of putting my life or the baby's life at risk. Already on the name of “normal birth” yaş I wanted to live the moment of birth and feel the feeling when I held my child in my arms. After the birth, my wife came to me and said, old I fell in love with you once more and my respect increased a lot more. In the future, when everything is forgotten and returned to normal, I will remember how he struggled and persevered for our children. ” If I had a second child, I'd give birth again.

Has your wife gone into labor?
Yeah, yeah, he did. He gave me support. When we watched the videos taken at birth, we saw “I turn to him and ask him, how are you? Iyi. Very funny indeed. After the birth, my wife became very emotional and cried.

How did the first 40 days go, did you have any difficulties?
I was like Hürrem Sultan for the first 40 days. I had my parents, my whole family. They looked at me like princesses. I've tasted everything. However, on the 40th day, my parents went and I stayed alone with Mehmet that day. He was crying, I was crying. I'm surprised what to do! That day was a nightmare, I had my puerperium a single day. That was 40 days.

How long did you breastfeed?
I breast-fed for 10 months.

Mr. Nevzat, what kind of father was he?
My wife is as meticulous and careful as I am. She loves to spend time with her son. Father and son especially love to make repairs.

Do you have a story about how you named your child?
From the first moment I got pregnant, I knew I'd have a baby boy. I had the chance to get acquainted with my late father-in-law for a very short time and I loved and respected him very much. So I decided to name my father-in-law in the fifth month of my pregnancy. My wife was very happy about this, and she was thinking of Mehmet in her heart, but she didn't say this in order not to hurt me.

Did being a mother change Yeliz Arman?
Changed, understands more and became tolerant. I realized I did the things I told me not to do. I used to be more prescriptive now and more flexible. I have more respect for my mother. Motherhood is something else, you have to live.

Do you think about your second child?
Yes I want. Me and my wife are very connected with our brothers, so I want Mehmet to have a brother too.

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