How to cut nails of babies?

How to cut nails of babies?

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Although your baby's nails are softer and brittle than your nails, you should remember that they are sharp. Since your newborn cannot control his or her muscles, she may often scratch her own face or your face. You should therefore cut your baby's nails as often as necessary.

As your little baby's nails grow rapidly, you may need to cut them several times a week. However, you do not need to cut it too often as it does not grow at the same speed for your toenails.

The best time to cut your baby's nails is when they are asleep. Or you can also cut your fingernails when they're fresh out of the bathroom because they're too soft at those moments. You should make sure that the place where you will cut your baby's nails is bright enough and you should use the nail scissors produced for babies. You can cut your fingernails by keeping your baby's hands steady, pressing your fingertips and taking care not to cut the skin.

When curving your baby's fingernails in accordance with their structure, you should cut the toenails straight. If your baby is not comfortable in any way, you must have someone with you and keep your baby entertained. If you accidentally cut your finger, calm down and wrap the bleeding part with a cloth. Already bleeding will stop within a few minutes.

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