Feeding of mama between mother and baby

Feeding of mama between mother and baby

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After having a baby, all mothers worry about feeding them. Mothers, babies do not suck enough milk; The fact that they do not eat much in later periods causes milk and formula wars between mother and baby. However, mothers are defeated in this war. toChild Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Cibadem Bakirkoy Hospital. Contact Sevil directly The most common mistakes made by mothers in infant feeding.

What are the most common mistakes that mothers make in infant feeding?

- My baby must be chubby no matter what.

- Eat until the last bite.

- Eat often

All mothers want to have chubby, strong babies. They talk to each other more that their babies do not eat, eat less, and have an appetite. Working mothers, especially when they come home to go to their babies, is constantly trying to eat. They usually bring their babies or children to the doctor, saying, 'My child has started vomiting'.

Do working mothers make eating more a “matter??

Working mothers bear the sadness that they can't spend enough time with their babies until they go home in the evening. The baby, cared for by family elders or carers all day long, finds himself in the midst of a food war when the working mother comes home. Mothers always think that their babies do not eat enough, they are hungry, they are anorexia.

How much should the baby feed?

Babies adjust their eating patterns according to their needs and genetic structure. Breastfeeding is sufficient to feed the baby four meals every 3-4 hours. However, mothers continue to feed their babies every two hours. And the baby doesn't want to eat, and there's a problem.

How to feed the baby?

Giving breastmilk to the baby regularly reduces the risk of obesity. Although the baby seems to be gaining weight at first, then it will lose weight. He doesn't have an excessive weight. Fat restriction in feeding of babies should not be done until the age of two. It is necessary to restrict the fat in children at risk of obesity after two years of age. After two years, children should eat from the table. Improper cooking techniques, long-term cooking of foods to lose their nutritional value are barriers to healthy eating. The baby should not be given anything high in sugar and fat. The child eats them, the blood sugar falls fast, the more hungry. It goes into a vicious circle with unnecessary snacks.

Can mothers have errors in child nutrition?

Various mistakes can be made not only in feeding babies but also in feeding children. The increase in the number of working mothers also causes these errors. Mothers who come home tired, due to time constraints can not find the opportunity to make juicy food. For this reason, it turns to ready-made foods. Since the ready-made meatballs are cooked quickly, children get used to the ready-made meatballs, which they consume frequently. This increases the number of meals eaten outside. Outside the house, the child gets used to ready-made meatballs, potatoes, cola drinks and fast-food restaurants. This causes obesity. It is more accurate to consume fast food type foods once a week. Likewise, it is important to restrict the beverages and foods such as ready-made fruit juices, chocolate, wafers, candies. Because if we drink an extra juice every day, it is possible for us to gain five kilos in a year. Therefore, mothers need to pay more attention to consuming healthy foods in infant and child nutrition.

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