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All about premature babies

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The fact that their babies cannot breathe comfortably is a problem that constantly worries families and keeps them constantly supervised. Acibadem Maslak Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Dr. Ömer Faruk Ünal states that there are three major problems affecting infant breathing: laryngomalacia, congenital nostril closed and congenital narrowing of the trachea.

Babies sleep soundly when they breathe freely. However, if the baby has trouble breathing, he sleeps in a position to breathe comfortably. Either he throws his head backwards, or he sleeps in a situation that causes his ribs to collapse. In this case, while breathing, a whistling sound, whistling sound. It is turning blue. Stating that the breathing problems in babies vary. Dr. Omar Faruk Unal, may also be a problem when eating a baby, food can escape from the larynx can clog his breath, the baby's exertion of breathing difficulties can occur, he says.

Professor Dr. Omar Faruk Unal, baby breathing problems are listed as follows:

• Laryngomalacia: It occurs as a result of the development of the larynx at the head of the airway. Bruises, shortness of breath can be seen and are common in babies. It is often said that when it grows up, it can cause a child's death in heavy forms.

• Congenital closed nostril: 24-25 thousand live in one of the east. One such child is born 15-20 years in Turkey. Both nostrils can be clogged.

• Congenital narrowing of the trachea: can be seen frequently. There are also things that need to be operated on as soon as they are born, this problem can be easily bypassed. If the child has a cold or flu, edema develops in the air, if there is severe respiratory distress, if the trachea narrows, it is necessary to see if there is a problem.
Nasal flesh makes breathing difficult
One of the most common problems that cause respiratory distress in children is nasal flesh. In this case, taking the nasal flesh to the ear stating that the tube inserted. Dr. Ömer Faruk Ünal, tır It is the most common operation performed all over the world, nasal flesh is removed and a tube is placed in the ear. Sometimes patients come to the doctor for nasal congestion and they are treated unnecessarily for sinusitis. They are forced to use medicine in vain, they are hospitalized ”.
Long-term breathing is difficult to connect
“Congenital heart anomalies eyen, which could not be treated successfully in the past, are now treated very successfully and babies born with this problem can be brought back to life. Airway stenosis may develop as a result of inhalation of these babies who have to stay in intensive care for a long time and be connected to the breathing apparatus by putting a tube in the mouth connected to the breathing apparatus. It is frequently seen in intensive care units. The airways are obstructed, they are punctured in their airways and sent home, but their condition needs to be closely monitored. Otherwise, they may have to breathe through the hole in their necks for life. If these patients are also monitored by an ENT specialist in the intensive care unit, the development of shortness of the trachea can be prevented.

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