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Your children and friends

Your children and friends

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Making friendship and maintaining this friendship for long periods is an important social symptom for an individual as well as the most obvious clue of healthy emotional development. There are many reasons why a child cannot agree with peers and make friends. It is one of the most important tasks for you and your parents to examine these causes and provide the necessary assistance for your child.

However, experts, their children can not make friends or long-term friendship problems with the parents of parents, should be very careful when helping their children, he says. Because the examinations made point out that parents are very protective of their children while they help them and they unintentionally suppress them. The occurrence of such a situation can have far more negative consequences for the children and may cause their self-esteem to be impaired.

What can you do?

? If your child is facing problems of not making friends, you can try to set up special play times and playmates for him. You can have your child participate in the play groups that schools have, or you can get help from your acquaintances, relatives or neighbors to create opportunities for their children to play with their children.

? Sometimes your child is able to make friends easily, but he / she may not be able to maintain this friendship for a long time. The first thing to do in this situation is to understand what kind of disagreement your child feels and why he cannot sustain this friendship for a long time. When you understand the problem clearly, you need to help and provide guidance, sharing your child's most important message about friendship, remember!

? If your child is having problems with his / her friends in the school environment and as a result of these problems, he / she is excluded from his / her friends' play, talk to the class teacher to solve the problem and go to the way of cooperation to solve the problem. The teacher will try to help you and will give you information about what to do, be comfortable!

? For children who are not accepted by their peers, sometimes metod making a difference “can work. According to this method, the child coming to the classroom with a different and interesting object gives him the opportunity to be accepted by other friends and to introduce himself to them. (For example, it may be interesting for other children if the child brings home-fed fish to the classroom.) But you should remember that when such behavior is continually carried out, the child will limit his or her existence to the object and will have problems in making friends on its own without the object.

? You can direct your child to group work. Team sports or dance groups provide the necessary social environment for your child as well as give your child information on how to do group work.

? One reason your child cannot make friends with his or her peers is that he or she cannot be confident enough. The first thing you need to do is to have your child do activities that can help him / her to be confident. The small responsibilities you give him in the home environment can be a good start to make him feel confident. When you are successful in these tasks, make promises to honor him and make him feel the success.

? You should prevent your child from watching television or playing computer games for long hours. Because such activities can isolate children from social environments and affect their social / emotional development negatively. The most effective solution is to direct them to activities where social interaction is much more !!!

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