Ayse Kucuroglu advice to mothers

Ayse Kucuroglu advice to mothers

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When a mother with 5 children is mentioned, who comes to mind first? Of course, Ayşe Kucuroğlu said, 2 We had an interview with her fourth child two years ago, but she is constantly updating herself.

Can you tell us what life is like with five children?It's very moving and I don't understand how time passes. Nevertheless, I feel happy when I consider the time I spend at work as if I was taking the time to myself and I do not enter into much expectation. It takes me all the time to plan the kids and the day.
Don't you say, "Help!" In such intensity?Of course there are things that I can't keep up with, but what really matters is what looks at the glass. Tipping is so easy! But I filed myself like that, I grow up as much as I can. I don't get into negative thoughts right now. I'm trying not to feel tired. Anyway, everything's getting in the way. I still feel energetic to do everything.
How do you organize?It's a great chance for me to be so close to my house and work. Otherwise, it is not that easy to go from one place to another in Istanbul. That's why it's not so hard to organize work with the house. I think I'm practically a woman. I wash three children in one tub at the same time. I couldn't get anywhere if I tried to wash them one by one. It's fun for kids too.
Were your pregnancies different from each other?I think I'm one of those lucky people because I've had all my pregnancies. They all have one thing in common, all of them have gained a lot of weight. Apart from that, having a good doctor while you are pregnant is one of the most important points. I have always been a doctor who reassures me, guiding and comforting me correctly. My biggest advice to those who are pregnant, this process should be a very good doctor. The rest is completely comfortable. Isn't that what we do in our normal lives? The more relaxed you are, the more life becomes. I loved being pregnant, and I think pregnancy loved me. Besides, I gave all births normally.Aren't you ever afraid of normal birth?I was afraid to have a caesarean section.

Was there a difference between boys and girls in pregnancy?There were only hormonal differences that I can't say that there were too many differences. When I was pregnant with my girls, my weight was more concentrated on my legs and hips. Apart from that, the things I ate when I was pregnant with the girl and the boy were different.

How do you deal with the jealousy crisis of 5 children, while parents seek ways to cope with the jealousy between the two children?Jealousy, of course, but when the number of children is five, I think it is easier. First of all we offer equal opportunities. As parents, we treat them all at the same distance as referees. Other than that, it's up to them now. We don't want to get involved in them after a while because children can be very offensive among themselves. Jealousy sometimes turns into a sweet competition. For example, Kemal, who was a freshman, had just learned to read, but Osman had to read to catch up with his brother. I think we're on the good side of jealousy.
Isn't there much noise at home?Of course, but I grew up in a family with 3 children. My greatest goal is to always be connected to each other in the future
Do you get any complaints from the neighbors?I never get it. I really love them. I think I'm very lucky about that. I've completely carpeted the kids' room to make it sound less.

Are there times when you miss your childless days as husband and wife?It really never happens. We are a family that loves spending time with each other.
In general, after having children, fathers feel excluded and complain about it. Do you have such a situation when you have 5 children?I'm the one who acts like this. I used to be such spoils, but I learned a lot from Taner. Taner is a German school… It has a realistic and down-to-earth structure. I'm more airy. In this sense, I think we are balancing each other.
Based on your experience, what do you recommend most to mothers?It's all about the mother. Mom, the easier she's looking at raising a child, the easier it is. You shouldn't have everything in a little bit. Sleep times, meal times, game times when you say everything is too thin and often touched. So I recommend that all mothers first consider how their mothers raised them. As a result, children are born and grown up, the important thing is to be with them and make them feel good. I think having a child is more difficult than having five children. At the moment, children communicate with each other more and share more. Sometimes I look at something I can't teach one of my children to learn from his brother. So it's easy to have two or three kids. And I think children are the greatest legacy we can leave in this life.

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