Diabetes in children

Diabetes in children

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Experts, the incidence of the disease under the age of 5 is increasing, he says. DEU Faculty of Medicine Hospital Department of Pediatrics Endocrine and Metabolism Dr. Ece Böber, ”In the past, we used to have 2-3 child diabetes cases a year. Now it's 2-3 times a month. ”

- What is the cause of childhood diabetes?

Diabetes, popularly known as diabetes, is seen even in children aged 1.5-2 years. The incidence of this condition under the age of 5 gradually increased. The immune system works in the wrong direction bu. Childhood diabetes is very sweet in weight and has nothing to do with eating sweets. The most important symptoms of this disorder are drinking too much water, urinating a lot, slimming even though eating, weight loss and exhaustion. Many children have this condition even though their parents or family do not have any diabetes.

- What is the incidence of childhood diabetes in our country?

Of Turkey under the age of 15 in a survey conducted in 2000 showed that the incidence of diabetes was 2.5 per 100 thousand children. This figure is increasing day by day. The cells of the immune system perceive the insulin produced by the pancreas as foreign matter and break it down. Diabetes occurs due to the malfunction of the immune system. There are environmental factors, climatic factors. 3. The incidence of diabetes in countries of the world is very rare. As the country develops, it increases. Diabetes is low in the equatorial countries. Finland is the most common diabetes country in the world. One in every 40 children under the age of 15 has diabetes in this country.

- When you look at the cases you have recently come to you as a physician can observe the increase?

Our past 2-3 years would be the case in Turkey, now we're having 2-3 cases per month. The age at which diabetes was seen slipped down. We used to see a lot in the 12-14 age group. Now under 5 years of age, the frequency of vision is gradually increasing. We have 1.5-2 years old patients. Under the age of 18, only our hospital has around 200-250 registered patients. Diabetes after asthma ranks second among chronic diseases requiring continuous treatment under the age of 18. The incidence of diabetes is much higher than in leukemia. There is nothing genetic about this condition. If there's a mother or father, there's no base. 95 percent of our patients have no family diabetes.

-Wouldn't these kids eat foods like chocolate and sugar all their lives?

There is no insulin-free treatment against diabetes. Unfortunately, children with diabetes will no longer be able to eat sweets and chocolates throughout their lives. Families are shocked to learn that their children have diabetes. It is very important for us to facilitate that process and teach the disease. Because the importance of family cooperation with the patient is of great importance here. Children with diabetes will no longer be able to eat sweets, chocolates and sweets throughout their lives. All kinds of sweet foods, cakes, chocolate that will raise blood sugar all of a sudden. We can't say you won't eat any of this because it's childhood. In very special occasions such as birthdays, they can only eat a limited amount. You have to eat at certain times except for very special occasions. Because we adjust meals according to the duration of action of insulin injections. Our goal is to ensure that the child lives as close to normal as possible. The fact that she does not feel separated from other children is that she accepts insulin injections.


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