Pregnant father's second trimester

Pregnant father's second trimester

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In the second trimester, you will be able to see your baby on ultrasound and you will have a chance to hear the heartbeat. Such experiences will enhance the reality of the idea of ​​having a baby in your eyes. We're really having a baby!

In our society, there is a tendency to evaluate men with their financial contributions rather than emotional sharing and contributions. This is understandable, as the focus of most pregnant fathers is to provide extreme money and financial security. It can also be considered as a way of proving a manhood that expresses responsibility and protective power for the unborn child and his wife. It is usual to start thinking about the change in your financial situation if you have a child, but if this money is too busy for you, something deeper may bother you. If you think that all your responsibility is for money, deeper disturbing consequences will arise. From a certain perspective, it is important to discuss your financial situation with your partner. In such a sensitive subject, a small tolerance is a useful and developmental skill in both pregnancy and paternity.

Most fathers say there is a change in their sexual life during the second half. Each pregnant mother responds differently to hormonal changes in the body. For some women, pregnancy seems to intensify sexual desires while for others it reduces. As a father, it is important that you see your partner's wishes in the second trimester based on the change in your body's hormones.

At this stage of pregnancy, you should start thinking about how your relationship affects your partner. You may notice how your habits, which you accept to have changed, are habits. Couples often share basic habits such as meal times, entertainment, housework. A simple habit; If your partner has morning ailments, a Sunday morning breakfast may not last long. If you liked going out on weekend evenings and now that she feels tired, how will you respond to this? Try and tell your partner how your feelings change as your relationship continues in this way. Try and share the feelings that continue in your life, such as happiness, guilt, expectations, indecision and frustration, and be sympathetic to each other. Have a supportive and positive relationship during this period of pregnancy and communicate clearly with your partner.

In the second trimester of pregnancy we would like to share a few tips for pregnant fathers

For your partner;
• Start taking up most of your work at home.
• Tell your partner that you will be a great mother.
• talk about the positive and negative aspects of being pregnant with it.

For yourself;
• discuss with two new fathers how they feel as a father.
• If possible; ask your father how he feels when you are born.
• Take a walk with a friend who will listen to what you have to say about being a father.

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