Are gifted children problematic?

Are gifted children problematic?

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Recognized worldwide for his studies on children's education at the University of Kent, USA. Dr. James Delisle came to Turkey. Delisle conveys important information about the education and development of gifted children; He underlined that gifted children do not like teaching them what to do. Delisle, who compares gifted children to porcelain, said, “These children have limits to be determined by their parents and are very fragile..

American scientist. Dr. James Delisle, gifted children do not like to teach them what to do, but no matter how talented they are still children, stating, "These children need limits to be determined by their parents. Don't treat them like a fragile porcelain doll..

to inform parents came to Turkey upon the invitation Irmak Schools and has more than 250 articles and 15 books on children Prof. Dr. Delisle explained bilimsel Understanding gifted children ”, yap Playing constructive role in child's character formation”, hedef Helping children to realize their goals and dreams ”.

Delisle described the definition of gifted children as a high academic achievement in some countries, and on the other side, including himself, as a more intimate, more perceptive and sensitive feature.

Delisle said that if the children of the families are gifted, they can first realize if they are gifted. “If your first child started reading at the age of two or three, you might think this is normal. You can understand that this is different when you have a second child and the same thing does not apply to your child..

Schools are more concerned with average children

Professor Dr. James Delisle pointed out that good education is very important in revealing these aspects of children, noting that they show their differences to their parents, not to parents.

Delisle noted that there are problems in many countries in special schools for gifted children and that they are more interested in average children and then they are shown to be related to disabled or gifted children.

Delisle, in some countries, gifted children, no interest at all, they have to be successful in any case, such as noting that the idea of ​​having a very good football playing someone "you already a good footballer, you do not need a coach," he said.

She explained that gifted children are bored because they already know what is already described in schools, and that sometimes makes them aggressive, saying that mothers can tell teachers what they do with their children and that they can be asked to do activities they enjoy doing.

Is talent a problem?

Professor Dr. Delisle pointed out that the teacher who understands the children is very important in dealing with gifted children, and that many teachers do not learn about the education of gifted children during teacher education, so they impose penalties even though they do not know when they do not do their classes in the classroom.

Gifted children, usually looking for something to keep their minds telling Delisle, this also makes teachers feel troubled, some teachers, gifted children, they know more than themselves for the discomfort, 'gifted children = problematic children' expressed the perception.

Delisle, talented children, such as the importance of the presence of talented children, emphasizing the importance of gifted children in this case, but they will feel more comfortable in their normal lives, while stressing that they should not be separated from their normal lives.

Saying that the gifted children are likely to deviate from the wrong paths in the future if not directed correctly. Dr. Del If gifted children are not properly educated, I think they are more likely to turn to crime in the future, James said James Delisle.

Delisle explains that gifted children have very strong persuasion skills., Gifted children do not like to be taught what to do, but they are still children, no matter how talented they are. These children need limits to be set by their parents. Don't treat them like a fragile porcelain doll. U


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