Benefits and harms of the sun

Benefits and harms of the sun

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Affects psychology positivelyExposure to sun and UV rays, disrupting the cell DNA, suppressing the immune system, causing many diseases, especially skin cancers in many studies, explaining that the TOBB ETU Hospital dermatology specialist. Murat Baykır said, “However, sunlight does not only have harmful effects, especially UVB is the most important source of vitamin D. It has positive effects on the sense of sight, destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, positive effects on human psychology and beneficial effects on some skin diseases. ”
Because of the benefits of the rays that expresses that the escape from the sun is not correct. Baykır gave information about the delicate balance that should be established between vitamin D and sun rays, gave suggestions to be considered and shared the things that should never be done.
Should remain normalThe main source of vitamin D in our body is the so-called UVB from the sun's rays. Approximately 80-90% of the daily vitamin D requirement is derived from sunlight. Unfortunately, a very low amount of food and food is taken.
In order to have positive effects on health, vitamin D level should remain at normal level.
Vitamin D in the body; calcium and phosphate required for bone formation, mineralization, growth and repair. Takes part in the body's defense system. Increases the absorption of calcium from the small intestine. Suggestions- Do not expose children to direct sunlight, especially because they will take vitamin D. Protect children under the age of 2 better, if possible, do not expose to direct sun.- Stay away from the sun, especially between 10.00-16.00. Avoiding the sun is the best way to be protected from the sun.- Never stay in the sun for tanning. - Apply the correct amount of sunscreen to the right half an hour before sun exposure. If you are outdoors, apply sunscreen every 2 hours.- Wear a hat.- The solarium is never recommended.15 minutes a day is enough- The sun is the most important cause of facial wrinkles. - The sun that we have been exposed to for a lifetime is effective in the formation of skin cancers and its effect is accumulated. - About 70-80 percent of the sun's rays that we receive for life are exposed to the age of 18 years. Therefore, we should be protected from the sun from birth. - The chance of sun exposure during the day is 5 times higher than the will. - Not only in summer, but in every season, we take the harmful rays of the sun. - According to WHO, the daily sun rays that you get from your back and face for 15 minutes are sufficient for your daily vitamin D needs. - Sunspots are an important indication that you cannot be protected from the sun enough. Attention!

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