How to solve sleep problems in infants and children

How to solve sleep problems in infants and children

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Solution to Sleep Problems of Infants and Children
Author: Heather Welford
Publisher: Friends

Sleep is one of the most discussed topics among parents. Our baby does not sleep at night, walking children sleep too late at night, early childhood children wake up early, we are not ready for the day because we want to play games. The Solution to Sleep Problems of Infants and Children offers tried and tested methods to help you and your child sleep as well as possible every night.

How do Babies and Children Sleep?
Your newborn baby
First weeks
First six months
From six months to a year
Your toddler
Your child and sleep
General problems
Why Does Sleep Break?
Tips for comfort
Is my baby hungry?
Colic and gas
Is my baby sick?
Fears during sleep time
Night wakes
Dreams and nightmares
Fears and sleepwalking
Early on
Quick solutions
Where Your Baby Sleeps
Family bed
Beds and beds
Safe Sleep
Holidays and excursions
Sleeping in the car
Checklist: Security points
Helping Your Baby Sleep
Night and day sleep
First year
Preparation for sleep
Should I let him cry?
Controls work
Checklist: Good habits
Get help
Sleep clinics
Drug therapy
Cranial Osteopathy
Other techniques
Getting support from others 92
Checklist: More help
Gemini and more
Special requirements
Bed wetting
ADHD and hyperactivity
Stay away from home
Breastfeed and sleep
Close relationship
Sleep and work
Directory and thanks

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