Suggestions for a happy relationship!

Suggestions for a happy relationship!

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What do you use to meet your need to love and be loved?

Your family, friends and lover. It is very important for a healthy person to be eaten separately from all these areas or each. But when you're in love, you've noticed that your love for your lover has made you into a very different dimension, enveloping your entire body in a dimension that will make you forget everything, and sometimes you get out of everything in your life and just make you think of its existence. When you wake up in the morning, the message of good morning is full of longing on your phone, when you open your eyes with the presence of peace and warming you smile, expressing that you love when you go to work, expressing that you love him in the evening when you meet him again the expression of happiness ...

What about when you have a bad relationship… This fairy tale, which starts with the words of love, is the feeling of taking all your energy from your veins one by one instead of giving you energy ettirmek To continue or end this relationship. Indecisiveness… Good and bad memories yaşamak Living without it now…

Men and women living these feelings; there are roles to play to keep the relationship happy. These roles; keeps the relationship alive. So, what are these roles?

A strong bond of love between men and women. Gerçekten I really love you very much and you are in a very important place in my life yaşamak Living with the awareness that there are two different people and different personality traits, that they come from different families, that their expectations from life are not exactly the same.

There is no problem-free relationship but there is of course a solution. Try to explore these solutions yourself first, then try to talk with him in a quiet moment. Create these items together. Learn how to control your anger. Get expert support if necessary. First of all, you should check it out for yourself. Because anger primarily harms one's self. It is very important that both sides make efforts to maintain the relationship. Sometimes the other person may not be able to make this effort. When you notice this, you should tolerate it. Sometimes you may not have this power. Then it will be his turn.

Think of everything you do in your relationship for yourself. Because it's your relationship. You chose him, and you accepted the offer to be a lover or a wife. Therefore, every effort you make to keep the relationship healthy is actually for your happiness. If you think you can't be happy, of course you have to think differently for this relationship to continue.

Your relationship should not be the only purpose in your life. You must also create other areas where you receive energy from life. Your family, friends, hobbies, work. Living in these areas will make you miss each other more and make you feel the power you can have without it. Orum I can't work without him, I can't work, I can't get out of my mind, it's like everything is gone in life. Eri His thoughts will not eat up your brain. As a powerful individual who is aware of everything, you will think healthier and make new decisions about your life.

Love yourself, trust yourself and take good care of yourself. A person who feels this will make more effort to avoid losing you. Share your expectations. Do not present them as a necessity, just request and say that you will be happy when done. Be aware that you may not find everything you expect on the other side.

Know what you really want. Evaluate your own ideas. No one, except you and a specialist you know, will know exactly what you're going through and what to do. Keep in mind that your best friend is a different personality and you can expect different things from life. If the decision is yours, you will endure the consequences more strongly.

Focus on solutions rather than problems. Don't constantly talk about what happened in the past. If you have decided to continue despite all this, this is your decision. Don't blame anyone for that and go back to this day. It is important that you live today and now. Do not engage in unnecessary discussions. Let me remind you again before it gets tired. Apologize when you make a mistake. Sometimes you can make mistakes.

Feel free to share these feelings if you love or miss them. These are your feelings. Postponing them and making them proud can put pressure on you. Face your true feelings. Don't get angry with yourself even if you don't get back when you convey these feelings. Because you did it for yourself. You must also accept the inability to reciprocate some things and continue on the road.

Don't make your relationship routine. A relationship that is lively and full of surprises is always longer. The meaning of surprise is different for everyone. When you do not encounter the surprises you expect (such as flowers) do not get mad and do not get angry. Remember that every effort made has been made for you. Accept different aspects (read your book while you're watching that match, for example) but you should also create a few common directions (such as watching a game together, walks, playing backgammon - play stations occasionally).

If your children are concerned; they should share their responsibilities. You should remember that you have a parent role.

If, however, your relationship is not going well and your unhappiness is increasing, you can share your reasons with an expert. The decision is yours again in this process. You will be evaluated only in a healthier environment and able to continue living strongly.

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