Disease that fears parents: Croup

Disease that fears parents: Croup

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Children between 6 months and 3 years are seen as “croup” epidemic, which is a lower respiratory tract infection caused by viruses in winter and spring months, and frightens parents with the respiratory distress it creates. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Contact Nilüfer directly 6 questions about the curiosity of the disease.

What are croup symptoms?

Croup symptoms are very sudden onset. Usually there is no shortage of children going to bed. Sudden respiratory distress, which starts at midnight, awakens from sleep with a bark-like rough cough. There may be runny nose. Slight fever may occur. A typical sound is heard during breathing, the sound is muffled, coarse. In a child who is good during the day, respiratory distress may be observed for several nights, gradually decreasing.

Why Croup?

Croup, the inflammatory reaction of large airways and mucus accumulation leads to symptoms. The reason is viruses. Young children have symptoms of respiratory distress as the airways are narrow. The older child receiving the same virus will only have symptoms of the common cold.

How to Tell Croup?

The symptoms are so typical that the pediatrician who sees the patient will usually make the diagnosis.

How is Croup Treated?

Since it is a viral infection, there is no treatment for the agent. However, with some practices we can comfort the child. Among these, humid air, steam is the priority. If there is no steam machine at home, the child is allowed to stay in the steam for 5-10 minutes by opening the hot water in the bathroom and closing the door. On cool nights it will also be relaxing to open the window and let it breathe outside. If there is fever, antipyretics are given. He will breathe more comfortably while sitting upright. Crying and excitement will increase respiratory distress, you must first calm down, your child should also help calm down. It should be appropriate to take plenty of fluids.

In more serious cases that are not relieved by these first measures, medications that may resolve edema in the airway may be necessary.

Does Croup Repeat?

Because there are so many viruses that cause this table, croup can repeat. However, if a child has frequent croup, it may be necessary to investigate for problems caused by allergies or reflux.

How can we protect the child? /

There is no vaccine against croup agents other than influenza virus. It is important to keep the child away from sick people and to gain the habit of hand washing at an early age.

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