Does your child have a cloth around her neck?

Does your child have a cloth around her neck?

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The causes of lymph nodes growth depend on various factorsLymph nodes are found in clusters spread across the body in areas such as the neck, armpits, groin, back of the knee, chest and abdominal cavity. The lymph glands have an important function in the body's defense mechanisms. But these glands grow for many reasons and can reach the size that the child or parent can handle. In children, lymph nodes respond quickly and effectively to various stimuli and become easily visible when compared to adults. In healthy children, even in newborn babies, small lymph nodes may develop. In determining the causes of lymph nodes growth, size, number, location of lymph nodes, relationship with surrounding tissue, consistency, age of the patient and other clinical symptoms and the size of lymph nodes should be evaluated. The correct treatment is based on a detailed patient history and careful physical examination.The size and consistency of the lymph nodes may be a precursor to lymphomaIn the evaluation of lymphadenopathy, signs of infection, fever, weight loss, night sweats, anemia, rash may be seen. The prevalence of lymph node, growth rate, adherence or mobility to surrounding tissues and the history of using a drug that causes this condition are important in the evaluation of the condition. If a lymph gland is detected by physical examination, the following features should be considered: * Size: Lymph glands larger than 1 cm is an indicator of the disease must be investigated. Although pain usually occurs as a result of redness and inflammation, it can rarely be caused by bleeding from a cancerous lymph node within the center of the dead tissue. The glandular rubber glands suggest lymphoma. Softer glands show the body's reaction to infection or various microbial agents or toxins.Early diagnosis and treatment is very importantIn order to avoid wasting time by requiring unnecessary examinations in the diagnostic approach of the child, each case should be evaluated separately with detailed history and physical examination and tests should be requested accordingly. Biopsy and imaging tests such as two-way chest radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography and biopsy are the main methods used for the diagnosis of the disease, especially blood test. After careful history, examination and examination, the diagnosis is confirmed and cause-directed treatment is applied. In most cases, an infection is the cause, and lymphoma, leukemia and other childhood cancers are not missed and early diagnosis requires careful evaluation of children with lymphadenopathy.

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