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Young children and technology

Young children and technology

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We can say that the technological conditions that we have today encourage everyone to use technology and even make it compulsory. For this reason, living away from technology, following its rules and innovations, becomes inevitable and brings us all into this adventure. Of course, children also get their share of the situation and they get the glittering magic of technology.

Toy companies are developing new games and toys every day to bring the use of technology into the lives of children and present them to children. In addition, the developing and simplified technology allows even young children to use their mobile phones, play computer games using CDs and watch cartoons on VCD players. However, experts and parents are happy about this development while looking at it with concern. This is because the fact that technology is used so often by children can have some negative effects on their development and damage children's emotional-social development.

What should be done in this case and what precautions should families take?

• Especially computer games have become the favorite activity of many children in recent years. Parents who take these games in line with children's demands do not want to deprive their children of these games and fear that the child will be affected negatively by these games. So what should be done? First of all, I must say that depriving the child of his / her interest in these games is one of the biggest mistakes. Because the suppressed desires may come back to the extent that we cannot predict when we find the place and time, and to prevent this, you should limit and direct the child instead of prohibiting these games. For example, before you buy these games, you should do preliminary research about the games and review the games you will receive for your child in advance. The most important features you should be aware of when buying a computer game are:

- No violence
- It should include visual and auditory elements rather than written elements (especially for illiterate children)
- Must be suitable for your child's mental development
- Lead the child to think and to the organization
- Let the child control the game.
- Entertain the child and develop his imagination
- Uncover the child's creativity

• The increase in the use of computer games, the Internet or VCDs makes the individual more individual and affects social development. For this reason, your child becomes more and more lonely while using such technology elements and becomes closed to social interaction. In order to avoid this situation, which is very dangerous especially for young children, you need to encourage the child to social communication, of course it is possible to get the help of technology. For example, activities such as building a model airplane with your child both enable the use of technology and increase your child's social communication. Or you can contribute to the socialization of your child by choosing games that allow group games to be played.

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