Reflex Therapy solution for headache in pregnancy

Reflex Therapy solution for headache in pregnancy

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What about headaches? Today, many women complain of migraine and headaches. These pains, which are severe even without a special condition such as pregnancy, may increase significantly during pregnancy or, in some people, may disappear in an interesting way completely. Headache other than hormonal changes; Excessive caffeine consumption, stress, insomnia, fatigue, allergic conditions, depression, hunger and thirst, chocolate, nitrate and glutamate foods, aspartame and sweeteners may increase due to. .Exercise but… Okan University Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Gamze Şenbursa says that as a first step to deal with migraine, we need to have a regular and healthy lifestyle. Assoc. Dr. Şenbursa, in particular, recommends exercise. Because research has shown that regular exercise helps reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. However, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Şenbursa says we shouldn't exercise when your headache starts. Because some movements within the exercise can trigger headaches.Get rid of your pain naturallyAsst. Assoc. Dr. Şenbursa points out that Reflex Therapy is another effective method used to reduce headaches. Asst. Assoc. Dr. Şenbursa gives the following information about this extraordinary and effective method that should be applied by experts: “Reflex therapy; It helps to regulate the central nervous system and hormonal system by stimulating brain-related nerve points on the face, hands and feet. These special points eliminate pain-causing factors. The treatments are planned individually after a detailed examination of the person and a significant relief is felt from the beginning of the treatment. Hormonal and other changes during pregnancy are effectively balanced without medication, without side effects. So you can get rid of the pain naturally. ”

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