I can make a career and a child!

I can make a career and a child!

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Modern life and economic conditions made it compulsory for today's women to work. Women who are trying to catch up with household chores and who want to pursue a career in business no longer want to postpone having children at this tempo. Mehmet Yavuz told us.

Today, especially married women are trying to do more than expected and this situation brings stress related diseases to the agenda. Women can initially see the social and economic returns of business life attractive. The desire to live more freely and not being dependent on men are the most important factors that encourage women to work. When the child-making plans came into play, women who fell into a dilemma between business life and the desire to become a mother emerged as "I will make a career in a child anlayış and this situation doubled the burden on them.

Does the Working Woman Want to be the "Perfect Mother"?

When the working woman has to manage both her working life and her child at the same time, she enters a busy tempo between home and workplace. The woman between work, child and spouse literally has a feeling of burnout. The person who is in intense emotions starts to blame himself, and can connect the lack of communication with his wife and child to working life.

Women who want to pursue a child and career together often show a more affectionate attitude towards their children. He may want to continuously fulfill the needs of his child. The main reason for this is the fear of the child's reduced interest in his mother and the accusation that he is working. In this case, the working mother makes more efforts to show that she is paying sufficient attention to her child and husband.

The "Perfect Mother" image heralds health problems!

Diseases are inevitable for women who want to make a career as well as a child and a good wife. Even if a person experiences these processes, he doesn't care about them and even the people around him can consider this situation as a whim over time. The symptoms that occur in the person can be listed as follows;

* Burnout and feeling boredom
* Symptoms of depression, constant tension and panic attacks
* Insomnia
* Constant fatigue feeling
* Heavier brain, confusion in thoughts
* Forgetfulness
* Gastric and intestinal disorders
* Joint and muscle pain
* Loss of sexual desire

Are Children Affected Negatively?

Mothers, who try to prove the idea of ​​both a child and a career to the society and to their spouse, do whatever their children want. Children can become restless, cowardly and insecure because they are constantly worried and worried. At the same time, a spoiled personality may arise due to excessive interest. Because the mother offers all the possibilities in front of the child, fulfills all her desires and when others cannot provide this environment to her, the child can become an unhappy and insatiable individual.

What to do in the face of stress?

* Do not worry and do breathing therapies.
* Experience the perfect woman and perfect mother's awareness.
* Do not tire yourself.
* Establish a good balance of children, spouse and work.
* Do not constantly worry about the child's development.
* Take your time, go to the movies with your partner, meet your friends, stay away from social activities.
* Try to be the savvy mother who understands your child's perfect mother instead.
* If you do not have a decrease in your problems, get psychological support.

Dr. Example: Mehmet Yavuz
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