Watch out for spring fatigue during pregnancy!

Watch out for spring fatigue during pregnancy!

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Nowadays, almost everyone feels the complaints due to spring fatigue. Not enough nutrient intake, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, heart rhythm disorders, chronic diseases, factors such as increased during the spring period, pregnant women are affected by this situation more. increases. Mothers who are under the influence of pregnancy hormones may feel more sluggish, unwilling and irritable than usual. To get rid of spring fatigue during pregnancy, nutrition needs to be very careful. During the day, it is necessary to eat food gradually and to be fed with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. At least 2.5 liters of water consumption per day when attention is paid to the problem of spring fatigue during pregnancy is reduced to a minimum. Stress during pregnancy will be higher than normal Gynecologist Op. Dr. Faruk Demir: daha A quieter life should be preferred during pregnancy. All difficulties in daily life should be reduced. Business plans during the day should be arranged to be less. Especially the expectant mothers who experience the last periods of pregnancy feel spring fatigue much more. Pregnant women may experience problems by dealing with a sport activity. If the possibilities allow, a short holiday is one of the best solutions for spring fatigue during pregnancy. It should be known that this process that comes with Bahar is temporary and in this transition period, it should be supported to the expectant mother and be tried to be more understanding. ”


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