Special skin care recommendations for mothers in winter!

Special skin care recommendations for mothers in winter!

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Despite all these negative conditions, it is possible to have the ideal skin Memorial Antalya Hospital Dermatology Department Uz. Dr. Lütfiye Shepherd, He explained how to maintain skin health in harsh winter conditions.

Skin dryness can trigger psoriasis and eczema…

Cold weather outside, heating elements, stoves, air conditioning, such as the influence of environmental factors that reduce the humidity of the environment and the choice of hot water in the bathroom balance of moisture, deteriorating and drying skin becomes prone to itching. These conditions, which increase the signs of aging, cause skin irritation and increase the incidence of eczema. Recurrence of some skin diseases such as psoriasis, seborrheic eczema is more common. In this season, skin dryness develops more easily in infants, children and the elderly.

Prevent aging with peeling and laser treatments

Winter conditions are the most suitable season for some aesthetic and cosmetic procedures that create sensitivity to the sun, even if the skin is tired. Winter should be evaluated for spot treatment, peeling and some laser applications.

Protect your skin's moisture

It is also possible to protect against other adverse effects of the winter on the skin with some precautions to be taken.

• If you have a dry skin type, choose moisturizing cleansers, which do not dry the skin in the bathroom and daily hand and face cleansing.
• Do not use very hot water in the bathroom and ensure that the bath time does not exceed 10 minutes.
• Make sure to use moisturizing creams and lotions for your face and body after the bath.
• Moisten your hands, which you have to wash many times during the day, after each wash.
• Correct common wrong hand washing habits in children. Hand washing should not exceed 15-20 seconds, hands should be rinsed well and must be dried.
• If you have difficulty applying hand cream to your child or if you do not have the chance to apply moisturizing to your child at school all day, you can apply intensive oily hand creams at bedtime.
• Keep in mind that proper moisturizing of the skin will reduce eczema and psoriasis.

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