Are you ready for exploration trips with your child?

Are you ready for exploration trips with your child?

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Remember your school trips during your childhood or with your friends at a picnic with your neighbors
Remember those moments when you dived into the trees, aren't they all perfect? You guys had a lot of fun, didn't you?
Now it's time for your child to experience them, so don't worry, if you want to experience those moments again, you can accompany your child!

Plan a trip with your child, the weather has cooled, but in this season you will find much to discover in nature.
Get dressed up and start exploring. The discoveries do not necessarily have to be made to remote countries you don't know, of course, you can even start this business in your neighborhood, I'm sure you will notice many details that you didn't pay attention to before!

Good luck with!

Things to watch out for!

-When your child's attention level is much less for you because of age and development
remember to limit time. Too long trips will cause your child to get bored and lose interest. If you do not know how to set the time limit for the first trial, follow the interest of your child during the trip, end the trip as soon as you feel no longer interested, adjust your next trip according to this time interval.

- The trip consumes your energy, so take time listening to both your child and yourself after your trip.

- Take easy-to-carry cookies with you, remember your bottle of water.

- Distinguish between work and expedition, for example, never make a plan such as ım Let's stop by a grocery while doing this expedition.

- Plan before you go on a trip, think about your destination, identify potential areas that may be of interest to your child.

- Be a tour guide during the trip, stop where you need attention and inform the participants - your child -
Keep the chat going by asking questions.

- Talk to your child before you go on a trip, give him a good idea of ​​where to go.

- Talk to your child about the rules he / she should follow during the trip and warn him / her about the points he / she should be careful with.

Some suggestions…

- If you think there is no place to go with your child, you can take it to your neighborhood market. Remember, you're not going to the market, you're going to explore.
Don't forget your camera and get ready to explore the neighborhood market!

- Examine the clouds in the sky, talk about their shapes, this activity that will support your child's creativity will be both enjoyable and instructive.

- Listen to the sounds in nature, there may be sounds in your neighborhood… Talk to your child or make predictions about where the sound comes from, who / what it belongs to.

-Get to collect cones, plan to do something with your child when you come home from cones!

After coming home, you should:

Talk to your child about everything you see, hear, touch, smell during your visit.

- Prepare a travel booklet with your child and encourage him / her to make a picture of how he / she feels during the trip.

- Print your photos on paper and place them in this booklet, don't forget to write your own ideas, your child will be very happy.
and enjoy doing something in common with you.

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