You should take care of the lunchbox for healthy teeth

You should take care of the lunchbox for healthy teeth

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Balanced nutrition affects the overall body development of children and also plays an important role in dental health. Kislaoglu reminded that school age children should take part in the lunch box for dental health, and pointed out the new regulation in the canteens. fruit juices and fruits sold with grain will be encouraged, "he said Kislaoglu, should be considered in preparing a lunch box told.

Carbohydrates Cause Caries!

Children need a healthy nutritional program to advance their dental development. A child with a carbohydrate-weighted diet is at risk for caries. Particularly starch, sugar-containing and sticky foods that indicate that very dangerous Kışlaoğlu, they adhere to the surface of the tooth prepared caries formation stressed.

Don't Neglect Vitamins and Calcium

For dental health, all vitamins should be included in the diet and the foods the child receives must contain calcium, phosphorus and fluoride at appropriate levels. Therefore, the foods that should be found frequently in the lunch box at the beginning of the milk and milk products voicing Kışlaoğlu, milk boxes can be stored at room temperature unless opened safely, yogurt and buttermilk stressed that healthy choices.

Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Rotten Formation

Stating that vegetables and fruits do not necessarily have to be in the lunch box, Kışlaoğlu stated that it would be more appropriate for children to put tomatoes, cucumbers or green peppers in the sandwich or to choose vegetable pastry. In addition, every day, there should be a fruit in the lunchbox that emphasizes that the child does not consume after a meal, but also can eat the fruit when he feels hunger during recesses. Because of the loss of vitamins after waiting for vegetables and fruits to be chopped, Kışlaoğlu recommends that the fruit be put in the nutrition bag in one piece.

Snacks Threatens Health!

Children's junk food is extremely dangerous for dental health. Especially confectionery, dried fruit, salty and fatty foods, sugary foods, acidic beverages, chips and fries combine with the plaque in the teeth and cause caries. Suggesting that these foods should be consumed as little as possible, Kışlaoğlu, your child should be checked regularly by the dentist underlined.

Can caries be prevented?

A vaccine or drug that can completely prevent caries has not yet been developed, but materials to reduce the number of caries are in use today.

Fissure Covers: There are small pits called fissure on the chewing surface of the molars. Cover the pits with fissure covering material; that area is prevented from leaking germ and food residue is prevented the start of caries. This process can be applied to permanent molars and small molars from the age of 6 years.

Fluorine Application: Another way to prevent caries is to increase caries resistance. This resistance is gained by applying superficial fluoride to the teeth.

Brushing teeth: The most effective method for children to continue their tooth brushing in the future is to gain this habit at an early age. In addition, a suitable brush and paste should always be in the child's bag to brush their teeth after school meal.

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