Abortion is not a method of prevention

Abortion is not a method of prevention

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Abortion, which can be used for diagnostic purposes as well as termination of pregnancy, is a very necessary method for identifying some types of cancer. As to when abortion was applied Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Contact Meltem directly gave information.

Abortion, commonly known as the method of contraception among the public, is often used to terminate unwanted or unhealthy pregnancies. Diagnostic abortion serves to find the cause of abnormal bleeding and to clarify a possible cancer suspicion. Unlike the known abortion is used for diagnosis and treatment, emphasizing that Anadolu Health Ataşehir Medical Center Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Meltem Çam, where and under what conditions should be applied abortion told.

Diagnostic postoperative abortion should be applied in postmenopausal bleeding.

Diagnostic abortions are performed to reveal the cause of bleeding if the patient has abnormal bleeding. For this purpose, the inside of the uterus is cleaned by special methods. The extracted tissues are sent to pathology for diagnosis. This is how a cancer in the uterus manifests itself with bleeding. Especially after menopause, bleeding should be performed for diagnostic abortion. On the other hand, sometimes there may be pieces of meat called polyps in the uterus. We detect them by ultrasound and clean the uterus by scraping. Thus, the uterus is emptied and cleaned as well as the answer to the question of whether there is a problem such as cancer can be found below. Or sometimes it can interfere with pregnancy. Polyps can be detected by ultrasound or by injecting serum into the uterus. By injecting serum into the uterus, this area is inflated and the small protrusion there can be identified and cleaned by abortion.

Abortion is not a method of contraception

Abortions due to pregnancy can also be done due to termination of pregnancy or miscarriage after the abortion. Abortion can be done until the 22-24th week of pregnancy. After the 24th week, the birth limit is now entered. If the baby develops a problem at 24 weeks or more and the baby dies, then the baby may be aborted, such as birth. Abortion should not be considered as a method of prevention.

Unhealthy pregnancy can only be terminated by physician decision

If there is a problem in the baby that is incompatible with life, pregnancy can be terminated with the decision of the physician. However, in order for this procedure to be carried out, 3 physicians must have a joint decision.

Abortion after abortion can save lives

Abortion may also be necessary as a result of miscarriage due to any discomfort. Sometimes a miscarriage may remain in the woman's womb. In such a case, the body makes an effort to dispose of these parts, and then severe pain and bleeding may occur and blood loss may endanger the patient's life.

What should be considered when making an abortion?

The uterus is softer during pregnancy, so it can be pierced during the procedure. The most common risk is the presence of fragments and bleeding. If the environment is not hygienic, infection may occur. The biggest problem in unwanted pregnancies is sometimes the continuation of pregnancy. Even if you clean the uterus, you can stay in a small corner and continue your pregnancy. This risk may occur especially in the case of abortion performed very early in pregnancy.

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