How does modern life affect male infertility?

How does modern life affect male infertility?

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With the development of technology has become an indispensable part of life mobile phone, computer; many factors, including ready foods that contain additives, and stress that affects everyone's lives, adversely affect the healthy reproduction of men due to their cell structure and location. Research shows that infertility cases start to occur in 40% of women and 60% of men. Infertility is defined as the fact that couples are unprotected together for a year but cannot have children. Stressing that infertility is more common in the last few years due to male reasons, Urology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Semih Özkan said, “Sperm cells are formed rapidly by dividing and multiplying. A structure that grows so fast is much more sensitive to external factors. Sperm production can be damaged, deformity, deterioration of sperm viability or a decrease in the number can be found. ” In addition, the scrotum, the testicular bag outside the body makes the testis more open and sensitive to negative external factors. The testes need 35 degrees of heat to produce sperm. As the wall of the bag is completely deliberate, it loosens in hot weather and removes the testicles from body temperature. In cold weather, it shrinks and brings the testes closer to the body and benefits from body heat. With this feature, it works as a heat regulator that tries to maintain 35 degrees of heat.

The damages of smoking begin in adolescence

Cigarettes, which should not take place in our lives for our health, are unfortunately still being used extensively. This habit can cause male infertility as well as many different diseases. Emphasizing that smoking is used as an element of prestige especially among adolescents, Assoc. Dr. Özkan said, er However, adolescence is the period in which the testicles of the boys develop, the cells are divided and proliferated and production begins. In this process, the negative effects of smoking can lead to infertility. Although every smoker is considered to be infertile, it is necessary to get rid of this scientifically proven habit. Also consuming cigars and waterpipes too often for prestige can lead to infertility. Nicotine in cigarettes and similar products; This causes the vessels to shrink, which causes the area to be fed by the vessels to not get enough oxygen and glucose.

Bad food breaks DNA

The changing world also changes the busy tempo, diet and rules with intensive professional and social life. Nowadays, ready-to-eat foods are often consumed frying Assoc. Dr. Semih Özkan, “These foods cause excessive production of oxidative derivatives in the body. If oxygen is not burned well in the body, so-called peroxides, which also affect aging, appear more and more. These substances increase the quality of sperm when they remain at a certain rate, in the case of excess quality and cause breakage on DNA. Dr. Özkan, especially in terms of increasing these substances in the barbecue fever is very risky, says that a healthy diet has a positive effect. Similarly, the consumption of more than two cups of industrial coffee varieties per day increases data on male infertility.

Need to be careful when doing sports

Increasing muscle mass, to reduce the rate of fat used in sports during the use of steroidal hormones and synthetic-like hormones and synthetic substances, indicating that the degradation of sperm quality Assoc. Dr. Semih Ozkan, “These substances in the brain testicular stimulus centers 'there is enough testosterone, sending!' shape warns. Thus, testosterone production is reduced. However, for the production of sperm, the testis itself needs testosterone produced by itself. ” Spending time in the sauna every day after exercise in the gyms can also cause a negative impact on the testes.

Sexual reluctance can be treated

Being open to sexually transmitted diseases, not being treated in a timely and correct way, can have a negative effect on sperm quality as well as blockages in sperm channels. On the other hand, malfunctions that may arise in men should be shared with a physician stating that Assoc. Dr. Semih Özkan, “Decrease in sexual desire, loss of libido and erection quality deterioration is an obstacle to pregnancy,” he says.

Carrying the phone in the front pocket is harmful

When it comes to male infertility and modern life, mobile phones are the most emphasized issue in recent years. Every day a new model, many people do not fall from the hands of the pocket is not missing from the phone by the men are mostly carried in the front pocket of the pants. Assoc. Dr. Semih Ozkan, testes carried very close to the radiofrequency waves emitted by mobile phones and the heat generated by these waves, says that there are many scientific publications about infertility. Portable computers, which have become indispensable in our lives, can cause infertility due to the heat and radiation they emit if they are used above the knee for a long time.

Different treatment approaches

While some elements of modern life have a negative impact on male infertility, today's medicine is trying to find solutions to these problems. When the causes of male infertility are examined, varicocele disease is the first with a rate of 42%. Varicocele, a progressive disease, has more negative effects, especially when it starts in adolescence. Infertility method is preferred in the group separated as severe male infertility. Despite the production of sperm, if the channels are obstructed, the testis can be inserted with a needle. In patients without sperm production, sperm can be obtained from the testis by means of microTESE, a microsurgical technique. Antioxidant treatments are used in case of increased oxidative derivatives and sperms due to stress, malnutrition and adverse environmental conditions.

Genetics is becoming more and more important in the treatment of infertility. Today, in addition to DNA damage treatments, some cells are genetically normal and others are defective in mosaic tables. Then a test tube is applied.

Infertility treatment is also experiencing significant developments related to stem cells. Assoc. Dr. Semih Ozkan, a man in the absence of any sperm in the treatment of working on a method that will break the ground, said: “Various cells are obtained using sperm in the laboratory, although they do not constitute pregnancy. In a study conducted in Japan in 2011, sperm formed from cells in mouse blood, the female mice became pregnant. Mice born from this pregnancy also gave birth. Work is underway to implement this method in humans. ”

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