First Moments of Your Baby

First Moments of Your Baby

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As you know, birth is a very miraculous event. New to the world
to be a bridge to an individual who will come to life in your body
muc This miracle event by new generation moms is no longer professional,
immortalized with the help of photographers. Starting from pregnancy,
parents can create a whole new world for their babies.
not an event. The expression on the face of the mother who met her baby for the first time
The first family portraits taken by the lap, strictly by parents
frames to remember.

Birth photos protecting the privacy of mothers
It is drawn. If there is a question mark in mind about it olmas
with you to capture the squares the way you care
It will be. Meet with the person who will take your photos before birth.
You can share topics with itself.

Wrinkled little ones that will open your eyes to life in your arms
hands, feet, facial expressions, the most beautiful you will watch throughout your life
film presents the most beautiful photos you will look at.

The photographer's professional will take birth photos
Make sure you are a birth photographer. Before birth
We also recommend that you do not neglect obtaining permission from hospitals and doctors.

Shooting stages of your birth photos; your pregnancy
should begin. Then we come to the day of birth. Birth
the day you will do, the process of preparation for the mother's birth, the moment of birth of the baby, the baby's
the cut of the umbilical cord, the face expression of the mother when she first took the baby into her arms,
baby 's first cry.

In the next step, processes that the mother cannot see are photographed.
Baby washing, taking measurements, weight measurement stage, foot
seal ...

The following process is the process of meeting the baby with the family. Baby
meeting with parents and other family members.

After all these stages, every second
you will have unique memories that you will remember. Everyone's happiness
We wish ...

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