February issue of Bebek magazine from ebebek

February issue of Bebek magazine from ebebek

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The February issue of Bebek magazine by ebebek is with you with its colorful design and full content bazıları Some of the interesting topics of the magazine are as follows:

Motherhood is the most difficult and beautiful teaching in the world

She is a disciplined, committed, positive and sports enthusiast Şeyda Coşkun.

It is possible to prevent birth trauma with the right breath

Birth trauma has negative effects on most people's lives. However, after a normal or caesarean section, breathing coaches can go to the hospital and work with the baby for only five minutes to transform the birth trauma. We received information from Nevşah Fidan, Breathing Coach.

Let your children grow up with art

Did you know that art, music, theater make a significant contribution to the development of children, babies and even those who are still in the womb? To learn these benefits in the most detailed way and to bring one of the most beautiful branches of art to your child's life, T.C. Be sure to read the article written by Gökçe Gülen, Head of the Department of Child Development, İstanbul Şişli Vocational School.

How well do you know hyperactivity?

We are in an age where every little naughty child is described as “hyperactive.. However, experts say that a child needs to be seriously investigated for the diagnosis of hyperactivity and attention deficit and underlines the well-known mistakes.

Important issues in 3 questions

Mothers are most curious about the issues, two-year syndrome, canvas education and reactions to foreigners come. We discussed these three issues this month and consulted the expert, Clinical Psychology Specialist and Mother Coach Fazilet Seyidoğlu.

Or doesn't my baby hear?

Hearing loss, which is a problem that can affect the baby's whole life, can be treated successfully with early diagnosis. The detailed information on this subject is provided by Ayşenur Küçük Ceyhan, Audiologist from SESVAK- Hearing, Speech and Balance, Sound and Acoustic Research Laboratory.

Obesity surgery does not prevent pregnancy

Being obese can have negative effects on general health as well as affect pregnancy and birth processes. Ideally, the obese mother should be brought to normal weight in the planned period of pregnancy. Experts, diet and exercise programs are not enough to refer to the surgical method, he says.
Food, fashion, expert opinion, agenda and more in the February issue!


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