Find out more about the Zika virus

Find out more about the Zika virus

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The Zika virus, which has recently been seen in Latin American countries, especially Brazil, is of great interest to pregnant women and those who wish to become pregnant. This is due to the high risk of developing the so-called ros microcephaly da in children who become pregnant if the virus is transmitted to pregnant women. Microcephaly causes babies to come into the world with a smaller head structure and consequently their brain development becomes slower, but after a while it can turn into a fatal danger in babies. . However, the presence of this virus in more than 20 countries, especially the World Health Organization (WHO) has triggered the disease countries. The spread of Zika virus takes place through mosquitoes. Therefore, the Z Aedes ”mosquitoes in the region where the rate of Zika virus is extremely high.

What are the symptoms of Zika virus?

Only one out of every five people with Zika virus is effective, and there is currently no clear cure. The most distinctive feature of the disease symptoms is the itch effect. Symptoms of Zika, which show similar characteristics with cold symptoms, are as follows: • Fever • Redness in the eyes • Headache • Redness in the skin • Itching

Is that Zika virus also affects pregnant women in Turkey?

According to World Health Organization, Zika virus is expected to be transmitted to 3-4 thousand people in the Americas this year. The organization of the emergency response team on the importance of the virus, gathered in the coming days to investigate how to intervene in this issue. So Zika virus created by the World Health Organization's emergency action plan can be effective answer to the question is to what extent Turkey, associated with the geographic area rather seen the virus that causes the Aedes mosquito. According to the research the possibility of Turkey almakta.kaynak cases currently among the lowest in the region:

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