How many months are you pregnant?

How many months are you pregnant?

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almost all candidates for pregnancy
is confused about calculating the week. This confusion
however, it is resolved when a doctor is consulted. After some time in pregnancy
"I wonder how many weeks?" Or "How many months?"
begins. The main reason for this confusion is that sometimes 1
it does not correspond to the week.

the important point here; account month
not over, but over the week. A normal pregnancy 40
corresponds to the week. In order to avoid the question mark in mind
weeks and months.

4 and 5 weekly pregnancy 1 month
It is considered. 8 and 9 week
2 months have ended.
12 and 13. at the end of weeks
By the time you have completed your 3rd month. your pregnancy 16 and 17. when you finish
your 4th month is now over. 20
and 21
. If you have completed the week, your 5th month is over. 6. your month
to finish, 24 and 25. week
left behind. 28
and 29
. when you end the week
You can understand. 32-33. weeks
When you are finished, your 8th month is now over. 36. that you have completed the 9th month of your pregnancy
points. And you came 40.
next week.

9 months and 10 days when your week ends,
that means you have left 280 days in total.
The most important thing to do in this period
What is the thing?

You must be. Do not interrupt your examinations and during pregnancy
If your complaint comes for a while
consult is useful.

With the pain and the sweet, the day you wait patiently for weeks to come
It was roof. Now you can smell your baby
It is the day of hearing. Your life will change completely at the end of these 40 weeks.
That day you will realize that you are a mother and that
You will experience responsibility, happiness and beauty. Days after that
you will not be able to calculate the months and time will flow like water. As you grow up
you will enjoy this indescribable feeling. Happy day for you and your baby,
We wish you weeks.


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