Pregnancy vaccines

Pregnancy vaccines

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There are vaccines that you should have for a healthy pregnancy period. you should get your baby hepatitis-B vaccine. If you have this disease, you are likely to get hepatitis during birth. If you and your partner are carrying hepatitis-b, you should take this vaccine before your pregnancy. If you have not been vaccinated prior to the pregnancy, you must have this vaccine during pregnancy. If your partner is carrying this disease, you are very likely to get hepatitis-b. 2 - Flu vaccine during pregnancy The flu will knock on our door during the winter months. This is why every year a new vaccine against influenza is being developed. During the pregnancy, including the breastfeeding period, there is no harm in having the flu vaccine. There is almost no risk of getting the flu after taking this vaccine. If you experience discomfort such as upper respiratory tract infection after having your flu vaccine, it is a coincidental event.3- Tetanus vaccine in pregnancyIf you have never had a tetanus vaccine in your life, you should definitely take this vaccine during your pregnancy. This vaccine is usually given in the 8th and 12th weeks of your pregnancy. When you have the second vaccination that can be given at intervals of 4 weeks, you have to wait for 6 months for the third dose. If you have had your tetanus vaccine before your pregnancy, and if it has been less than 10 years, you do not need to have it. However, if this period is more than 10 years, it is beneficial to have a dose of tetanus vaccine. In newborn babies, 60% of tetanus is life-threatening, this vaccine is of great importance for your baby. It is the vaccine that should be given due to the secretion of meningitis that occurs in mothers during pregnancy. Meningococcal vaccine has not yet shown a negative effect on mothers and babies. On the contrary, this vaccine can protect your mothers and their babies well. As with all vaccines, you should have this vaccine in the light of your doctor, because this vaccine is not given by your doctor. These are vaccines that already carry live viruses and can therefore be harmful in all periods of your pregnancy. 6 - Rabies vaccination in pregnancy. This is why you should go to your nearest doctor and hospital to get your vaccination immediately. It is not yet seen that this vaccine constitutes a negativity for the mothers and the baby. Hepatitis B vaccine: Sometimes recommended. If you are at risk for hepatitis-b during your pregnancy, you should take the vaccine. - MMR vaccine (for measles, rubella, mumps): - Influenza vaccination: If necessary, it can be given. - MCV4 vaccine (for meningitis): Only if required by the doctor. However, in case of too many infections, you can have it approved by your doctor for emergency protection. - Yellow fever vaccine: If the possibility of infection is too much can be done. For the health of your baby and you mothers, it is beneficial to have all of the vaccines mentioned above after the medical examination and the necessary examinations. We wish you to have a healthy pregnancy without having to take any of these vaccines.


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