Pregnancy Symptoms and Causes of Pubic Pain

Pregnancy Symptoms and Causes of Pubic Pain

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You're two living now. Maybe even more J We know that pregnancy
In addition to your excitement and happiness, you also experienced some problems.
These are usually normal symptoms.

Early pregnancy and near birth
may have sudden groin pain. 8-12 of pregnancy. in Week
these pain, depending on the growth of your uterus occurs.
These cramps, which are called settling pain, are usually not seen during the first pregnancy.

No matter what stage of your pregnancy, painful or
In case of any painless vaginal bleeding, you should consult your doctor.

During your pregnancy, albeit rarely in your pelvic muscles
You may feel excessive pain. Depending on the hormone birth channel of the baby
With the aim of preparation for the birth of these channels loosens.

To reduce normal pubic pain
Let's give examples of things you can do:

You can take a warm shower. Warm water to your waist
hitting you will relax.

Feet wearing low-heeled shoes
support your base and reduce the occurrence of groin pain.

Pregnancy massage
you can relax.

Avoid sudden and harsh movements.

To exercise at the beginning of pregnancy
If you practice yourself and continue throughout the entire pregnancy, this process is comfortable and
painless is inevitable.

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