Is hair dye harmful to pregnant women?

Is hair dye harmful to pregnant women?

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Frequently asked by mothers during pregnancy
is one question; hair dye in pregnancy. Does the hair dye harm the baby or not?
you? Hair dye during pregnancy may be harmful to the baby may also be harmless
There are also supporting opinions.

Does coloring the hair during pregnancy harm the baby?

Some of the specialist doctors in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
Although it is not possible that mothers can dye their hair in other weeks,
others believe that hair dyeing can be harmful in every period, such as dip dye.
states. There is a lot of hair dye on the market. Will use hair dye
expectant mothers must use herbal hair dye. Whatever
as much as vegetable, these dyes contain many additives
It should be remembered.

Studies have not yet, during pregnancy hair
no damage to the dyeing was found.
Almost none of the hair dye chemicals contain excessive poison
known. On the other hand, the amount of hair dye into the blood is very small.

What should be considered when coloring hair during the period?

Occurrence in the 4th month of pregnancy occurs completely
mothers can dye their hair when it starts. Candidates dye their hair
certain requirements.

First of all, absolutely no ammonia-free hair dyes
should choose. You should prefer natural hair dyes. Danger and
At least hair dye damage is henna type hair dyes. As known
One of the complaints during pregnancy is hair loss and thinning. Henna
Contains organic hair dyes that makes your hair more healthy, more beautiful
appearance. If you go to the hairdresser
if you want to go early in the day,
the air is cleaner in crowded environments. You are allergic to hair dye
test whether the immune system weakens during pregnancy and
may cause allergies in some mothers. Some of the paint
and swelling, itching, redness on your skin.
Do not use that hair dye. If you have an allergic structure
it is best not to dye your hair. All parents during pregnancy
Hormonal changes occur in the candidates so you dye your hair
you may not be able to achieve the color you want. If you want to fasten color
Try a little on your hair before applying the dye completely. Hair dye hair
be careful not to contact skin
substances do not pass into your blood.

During pregnancy, provided that such rules are followed
You can dye your hair. During pregnancy, good for yourself and your baby
Don't forget to look.


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