Factors adversely affecting the development of the baby during pregnancy

Factors adversely affecting the development of the baby during pregnancy

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Today, cigarette smokers and passive
We all know their damages to smokers. Smoking before pregnancy
The use of the drug has not been shown to have a negative effect on the baby.
However, if you continue to use it during the


Smoker Pregnant Women
high blood pressure during pregnancy, stillbirth, baby's lung function
disorder and preterm labor are more common than other women.

The damages of smoking
He's not. Sleep problems, hyperactivity in babies of mothers who smoke
and concentration problems also occur.

Smoking before your pregnancy
If you are using it, during this period by stopping smoking a brand new
you can start.

Dye hair

Hair dyeing during pregnancy
Although its negative effects cannot be proved with certainty,
It is not. If pregnant women are recommended during this period, the first three months to dye their hair
vegetable dyes if used later.
are using.


Sports for mothers, prenatal and
It is of great importance for the post. Especially swim, all muscle groups
It is preferred by pregnant women for running. But water games,
avoid slides and jumps. Remember, you're on your own now.
You do not. When your baby grows up, water games and jumps are with him
You can do.


Especially in the summer, about the sun
you must be very cautious. Pregnancy
While not in the sun, it is quite harmful to stay in the sun,
it needs to be more sensitive about it. If you leave at noon,
you should prefer shade places.



some of
According to a glass of nothing to be pregnant. But for the fetus during pregnancy
no safe amount of alcohol was detected. Therefore pregnancy
It is best not to consume alcohol during the period.

To travel


long-term journeys for pregnant women
Is risk. Private car journeys also risk this frequent break
It will reduce. Small walks during breaks, thighs and thighs

The journey is quite safe, contrary to what is known. Cabin pressure
Unless there is a change, the trip will not pose a risk to your baby.

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