When is Twin Pregnancy Determined?

When is Twin Pregnancy Determined?

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Twin pregnancy actually occurs in a different way from the very beginning of singleton pregnancy. However, it may take some time to determine if there are more than one fetus in the womb.

Twin pregnancy can be detected by ultrasound. Twin pregnancy begins to manifest itself in the 5th and 6th weeks. If the ultrasound images If there are two pouches, this may mean that you have a twin pregnancy. However, this is only the stage of twin pregnancy.

In some cases, one of these two fetuses develops and the other one stops developing and disappears.

It is stated that chromosomal problems are present in this twin partner and therefore disappear due to failure to develop. 7th and 8th weeks Also in these weeks, the heart beat of babies starts. Therefore, two different types of ultrasound heart beat twin pregnancy is the most important thing that shows.

Single Eggs? Twin Eggs?

But if you want to know if your twins are single twins or twin twins Between 9 and 14 weeks should wait for the controls.

The presence of a single placenta on the ultrasound is that they are identical twins, and the presence of a double placenta. indicate that they are more likely to be twins It is.

It may be difficult to get information about them in the coming weeks. On the other hand, the gender of babies gives an idea about this issue.

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If they are different, they are not identical twins. You can be identical twin or twin eggs of the same gender.

How many weeks a twin baby will be determined? You can see our video on the subject.

Can you tell if there are twin babies worth blood?

In the blood tests performed to the expectant mother before the 5th week, the fact that blood values ​​are much higher than normal can be considered as understanding the presence of twin pregnancy.

Higher values ​​indicate that the pregnant woman may have twin pregnancy but it does not produce a definite result. It is only possible with ultrasound images.

in Pregnancy Excess Hcg hormone However, there is only one possibility about the existence of twin pregnancy. Since Hcg hormone is secreted twice in twin pregnancies, pregnancy symptoms may be more severe and nausea and vomiting complaints may be more intense.

However, the number of complaints or hormone level alone does not indicate twin pregnancy. It is necessary to wait for the following weeks to be certain.

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