16 weeks paid leave after childbirth

16 weeks paid leave after childbirth

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expectant mothers as an 8 weeks before birth, as an 8 weeks after birth
16 weeks in total. If the doctor has permission
8 weeks of prenatal leave can be used 1-2 weeks and the rest
weeks after birth.

working mother can not work until the time of birth. Every working mother 3 weeks after birth
must leave before the leave. If necessary, mothers can get permission for 6 months after birth. Before birth or
also used after 16-week leave no salary on employee salary
but it takes an extra 6 months off
working mothers cannot receive their salaries.

time of birth, from the doctor of the expectant mother, the date of birth
A report must be received. If the mother prenatal 8
8-week leave if it cannot be moved within the weekly time frame
periods are extended or the mother can use it until the time of birth.

What I like for maternity leave
materials needed?

mothers should obtain a pregnancy report from a specialist
they should also present this report. Thereafter, up to 8 weeks before birth.
and 8 weeks after which the dates will be calculated. identified
mothers will start to leave the workplace by week
They reported.

How is maternity leave calculated?

mothers are having trouble calculating maternity leave even
so many mothers are misplanning their time to leave. Birth
The following points should be considered when calculating the permission; pregnancy is 40 weeks and 8
Since the weekly leave begins before the birth of the mothers 32.
They need to leave for the week.
At the end of the 32nd week, the mother's 16-week paid leave starts.
What is important here is the exact period of the 32nd week.
It is published. If 31 weeks have been 3 days, of course he has completed the 32nd week.
does not mean. So when you leave, you are the last
how many days from the menstrual period to the estimated date of birth of the baby
and convert the days to weeks.

take a break for the beauty of this period and work until the last day
Remove the idea from your mind. During these 16 weeks you will already receive your fee.
Focus on the time you spend with your baby and give yourself time.

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