Magnesium during pregnancy

Magnesium during pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers, very spiritually and physically
better rest and nutrition during this period.

Healthy body throughout pregnancy
magnesium is one of the most important needs to remain. In the absence of this mineral, preeclampsia,
developmental problems in infants, even serious problems leading to infant mortality

Magnesium mineral in your body
calcium in an organized way. On relaxation of your muscles
The effect is quite large. Strengthens your bones, blood sugar
regulates and allows you to get rid of cramps in your
is also effective on tooth and bone development.

vitamins and minerals necessary for the development of your baby
provide from you. That's why you need more vitamins and
mineral support. Therefore, all women give birth
specialists iron from the first day of pregnancy for the health of the mother and the baby,
vitamins and minerals containing magnesium and folic acid.
During pregnancy, expectant mothers quickly empty their stores,
Filling mother extremely important for the health of the baby
It bears. In addition, expectant mothers, abundant, abundant water and mineral water by consuming
meeting magnesium needs during pregnancy
They can provide.

Magnesium requirement increases during pregnancy.
If there is a deficiency, the baby's development
used from the bones of the mother. But this situation is different in the future.
metabolic diseases.

During Pregnancy
Magnesium Containing Foods That Can Be Consumed

Soybeans, fistic butter, wheat
seeds, lean yogurt, almonds, red beans, potatoes, spinach and bulgur, during this period
they can be consumed.

Daily magnesium during pregnancy
need, 350 mg in expectant mothers aged 19-30 years.
400 mg for mothers and 360 mg for mothers 31 years and older.

Harm of Magnesium Deficiency in Pregnancy

Magnesium deficiency during pregnancy increases uterine contractions and
however, it also leads to premature births as well as the health of the mother and her baby.
adversely affect. The mother who suffers from magnesium deficiency during pregnancy,
also causes the baby to be born with magnesium deficiency. This situation is also new
may cause sudden infant death due to heat loss in the newborn.
In addition, sudden cramps and contractions in the legs and abdomen of pregnant women
also develops due to lack of magnesium. Especially during pregnancy
alcohol use, proportional to magnesium deficiency
It is triggered. Because when you consume cigarettes and alcohol, too much magnesium from the body

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