Does the follicle cyst prevent pregnancy?

Does the follicle cyst prevent pregnancy?

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Ovarian cysts
cysts are small and fluid-filled structures. Dimensions from several inches
Can grow up to 30-40 centimeters. Symptoms include; pain in the groin, relationship
pain, menstrual pain. Besides
If the cyst explodes or sprains, severe abdominal pain, dizziness, stomach
There are also symptoms such as nausea, vomiting.

There are varieties of ovarian cysts. Most common
the ovarian cyst is the follicle cyst. These cysts developed ovulation in the follicle
they occur as a result of the absence. It is generally 3-5 centimeters. Many
spontaneous within a few months, without any signs of complaints in the woman
It may be lost. In some women, the cause of groin pain,
certain. If this follicle cyst bursts, a sharp
pain is felt. Said pain is sharper towards the middle of the menstrual period.
felt. The dimensions of these cysts are monitored by ultrasound monitoring and
they are expected to disappear spontaneously. Otherwise you will be treated.

How is a follicle cyst formed?

In a woman with follicle cyst, the result of a passing follicle cyst
spawning occurs. If conditions are appropriate, this ovulation results in pregnancy
It takes place. Although pregnancy is not possible, approximately 14 days after ovulation
It is seen. Sometimes the follicle cyst does not crack and continues to grow. In this way
common follicle cysts occur.

In the ovarian wall, a large number of tiny cysts are arranged
self-evident and prevent the regular functioning of the ovary
polycystic ovary. Menstruation since adolescence
results such as irregularity, increase in acne, hair growth and inability to conceive
In the case of several coexistence and pearl grains around the ovary in the USG
Polycystic ovary is diagnosed.

Treatment of polycystic ovarian disease
varies. Patients with insulin resistance can even lose weight
order can be provided. Breaking insulin resistance in recent years
for the purpose of a drug called Metformin can be used. Plumage and menstruation
The most commonly used treatment for irregularity is birth control pills.


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