Menstrual period after childbirth

Menstrual period after childbirth

A woman normally menstrual
In the so-called cycle spends bleeding. This cycle
on the first day of death and the date to the next menstrual period.
is called up. Overall this cycle is approximately 28 days
It is ongoing. In some women, this process may go from 22 days to 35 days.
It can come.

This period in women
during the cycle, in the layer within the ovary and uterus, and even in the brain
differentiation occurs. During this period, the brain secreted
hormones cause the release of cells in the eggs. In this case
the plates in the womb itself against a possible pregnancy
It is preparing. When there is no pregnancy, ie no fertilization
the eggs that are released run out of time. Pregnancy for self
The egg cells that prepare it throws themselves out as menstruation.

What is the reason for not having menstruation during pregnancy?

During this period and menopause
menstrual bleeding is not experienced in women because
spawning event is not.

Menstruation after childbirth

Postpartum in women
the onset of menstrual bleeding is parallel to the period of breastfeeding because
In mothers, menstruation begins to come after the end of the breastfeeding period.
Women must distinguish a point well here. If that point
postpartum hemorrhage is not confused with menstruation. Birth
bleeding occurs after the postpartum period, are red currents
and lasts about 6 weeks. Normal menstrual bleeding in women
It starts again in the first 16 weeks after
If the breastfeeding period is prolonged and the period is coming, this period may also extend.
Mothers who cannot breastfeed their babies have a maximum of 8 weeks after birth.
then begins.

Does menstrual irregularity after birth cause problems?

Mother's postpartum time
When menstruation is not experienced once a day 22-35
It can be said that there are irregularities. Breastfeeding period in menstrual irregularity
not to forget the effect.

Other than that, confinement
consult your specialist gynecologist at the end of your period.
There is benefit. If you have complaints about menstrual irregularity
You should consult your doctor.

Especially your baby
if you are menstruating during periods of breastfeeding or if you are experiencing intense bleeding
you should consult your doctor immediately.

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