Belly melting exercises after pregnancy

Belly melting exercises after pregnancy

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Mothers after pregnancy complain of excess weight
They become. As a result, the mother of both pregnancy and immobilization for 9 months
With the biological burden given to the candidate, mothers inevitably lose weight
It can receive. In this case, if the mother breastfeeds her baby after birth
Although it is not a very recommended method to give mothers to lose weight
It works.

It is also a sport or exercise to lose weight.
If you do, to lose weight in this period is
will help you.

What exercises can be used

1-Lie on your back and lay eggs under your waist
and protect your pit to avoid breaking the egg.
Try. Move your legs to tablet ab. Head with your hands
support and fill your chest with air,
just focus on your stomach and get up to your legs. This movement 15 times
Try to do.

2-As in the first movement to protect your waist and
Lie on your back. Break your legs from the knees and the soles will touch the floor
stand. Breathe deeply and with your hands as you exhale
lie down on your knees. Try repeating this movement 15 times.

3-Lie down on the floor and lift your legs up
ninety degrees. With your hands, only your abdominal muscles
Get power and try to keep your ankles. Stretching your abdominal muscles
You'll feel.

4-Lie on your back and give your hands strength. Two
lift your leg together so that it is parallel to the floor. Take a deep breath
and pull your leg towards your chest. Kick the air with your leg while breathing, other
pull your leg to your chest.

5-Lie on your back and your legs will be perpendicular to the floor
lift it. Breathe deeply. Your legs while breathing
slowly lower it to the ground. But before you touch the floor, breathe and
when you remove it again.

6-Lie down on the floor and hold your fingertips and hands
Take the push-up position with support. Keep your arms taut and
Break one leg from the knee and straighten it. This movement both legs
Repeat within 15 times.

7-Lie down on the floor and flex your legs
Connect one of the fitness bands. In this way, both the abdomen and leg
your muscles will be exercised. Your leg is on top
Remove as much as you can. Same movement for both legs 15 times

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