Discharge before pregnancy

Discharge before pregnancy

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bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy in almost every woman
normal cases. The risk of miscarriage occurs most frequently in the first three months of life
you need to take the bleeding seriously.

Settlement Bleeding

type of bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg settles on the uterine wall.
Although there are mild bleeding, it continues for about 2-3 days. If you continue more
If so, there is no situation to panic.


early pregnancy hemorrhage, which is again very common and less dangerous. This
hemorrhages are due to the menstrual cycle that occurs in late times.

Low Likelihood

likely for mothers who experience continuous bleeding during pregnancy
Considered. Because women who suffer from continuous bleeding during pregnancy
Fifty percent have low problems. These bleeds are painful and
cramping process. High fever, pain and tremors in mothers
It is seen.

Cervical Irritation

period, blood flow in the cervix increases and accelerates. Irritation in the region
may cause bleeding. In sexual intercourse during pregnancy, this irritation

Ectopic pregnancy

bleeding caused by pregnancy are life-threatening bleeding.
With these bleeding, abdominal pain and severe cramps can also be experienced.


sexually transmitted infections such as coldness and cold sores, the first three
may cause bleeding.

Abnormal Bleeding in Pregnancy
What to do when it occurs?

bleeding problem, especially in the first trimester, may indicate a significant condition.
You must consult with your doctor.

the vagina
Take all kinds of tissue to your doctor for testing.

If bleeding continues, do not have sexual intercourse and do not use tampons.

of haemorrhage
color and how much bleeding you can use the pet to determine.

If you see any of the following symptoms, go to the emergency room immediately. Low
It can herald serious problems such as.

the Karni
If you experience excessive pain and strong cramps in the lower parts,

or if you are experiencing painless excess bleeding,

the vagina
If there is discharge from the tissue,

if you have fever and tremble with it,

If you experience problems such as dizziness and fainting, contact your doctor immediately.
you will benefit.

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