Recommendations for autumn pregnant women

Recommendations for autumn pregnant women

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season, approaching, with the cold weather with many risks
It brings. Influenza and rubella, chickenpox is the most important infectious in this period
infections. These diseases during summer-autumn transitions and winter seasons
more is seen.

All influenza infections, such as the flu, have spread to the environment by coughing.
as a result of inhalation of microbes are transmitted from person to person. This transition
The first thing that mothers will pay attention to during the seasons is the same as sick people.
environment. These germs are drinking water from the same glass or by shaking hands.
bulaşmaz on. More crowded and airless environments, for the spread of the germ
It is suitable. From the 13th week of pregnancy until the birth,
If your pregnancy coincides with the fall and winter months,
you should avoid.


Apart from these, expectant mothers
He needs to remember that the medicine is water. Neglect to drink 12-15 cups of water per day
Do not. Water is the most natural remedy for febrile diseases and infectious diseases.

Pregnant during the flu season
for women to recover their energy and protect themselves from diseases
the location of food and drinks is great.

Strengthen the immune system and increase
to meet the need for protein is the location of the egg. Egg
There is no harm in consuming every day during your pregnancy. Boiled, soft-boiled or especially high in vitamin C
cooked with vegetables as an omelet serves as a flu. Especially
with vegetables such as spinach, onion, green pepper, leek, carrot, zucchini, cauliflower
omelette, can be used as a mücver food and added to soups
the food is.

As autumn passes from hot summer days,
prepare your body for this season, summer energy and health in your pregnancy
Do not lose.

Autumn Suggestions for Pregnant Women


Get your sleep clock set up.
An irregular sleep causes you to be tired the next day.

Make sure you eat. In this season
edible foods are more difficult to digest.


Yoga, pilates and risking your pregnancy
Head to other sports that will not throw.

People with infectious disease
the same environment.

Vitamin A plays a major role in strengthening our defense system
is a vitamin. Consumption of these foods to a certain extent, everyone is
It also plays an important role in the prevention of diseases in pregnant women.


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