What a man should do before pregnancy

What a man should do before pregnancy

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Mother and
When the father decides to make the child, all the attention is usually
It is on. But for a healthy, comfortable pregnancy and postpartum, father
the candidate has to do.

candidate must first pass health check. A chronic
discomfort, erection problems or sexual aversion problems
necessary treatment should be seen. Some drugs used in sperm
quality and number. Usually drug use is discontinued
time, bad effects are eliminated. About this with your doctor
use different drugs instead of drugs with a bad effect.

bodybuilding drugs used by men engaged in sports, the number of sperm
can reduce and shrink the testes. All you use albeit prescription
medications should always consult your doctor.

baby before birth, necessarily for sexually transmitted diseases
blood test. Sexually transmitted infections, reproduction in men
can lead to inefficiency.

in addition to talking to your doctor about your family's health history.
It will be. If you have a family history of birth defects, mental retardation or genetic
what risks you are facing with your doctor
and what precautions you should take.

you are trying
there may be hazards that affect your sperm production. Especially the vehicle
organic materials found in workshops, dry cleaning and pesticides.
exposure to chemicals such as solvents, your sperm count after a while
affect your ability to fertilize. This is also
chemicals, spoil the quality of sperm, premature birth or defective births
why could it be. Sperm development and maturation in about three months
process. So if you're thinking of having a baby,
months in advance.

before, you must also calculate the expenses for your baby. So,
how you can save more or what expenses
expect to see an expert.

with these
together, you may also need to change your underwear preferences. Slip and boxer
There are different thoughts between. Some people, the testes in the slip too
He argues that sperm production is reduced due to heating. Some of them, sperm
says it does not create any problems. But just in case,
You may prefer to wear a boxer instead of a slip.

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