Cyst before pregnancy

Cyst before pregnancy

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cysts can be transported from pregnancy to preg
can occur during pregnancy.

to look at the formation of ovarian cysts by ultrasound during pregnancy
is the most appropriate period. As the pregnancy progresses, the uterus
diagnosis of these cysts may be difficult. As with any ovarian cyst, pregnancy
cysts identified in the process should also be considered.
There are spots.

Cyst Structure and Size

it has a single-sided structure that is completely filled with liquid. Therefore, these cysts
significantly reduces the likelihood of being associated with cancer. If expectant mother
If young, the cyst detected during pregnancy is more likely to be malignant
It decreases.

during pregnancy or confinement, depending on the cyst.
it can be a guide for problems. Although there is no clear limit,
10 cm. and cysts with diameters above
The probability of requiring is slightly higher.

Most Viewed in Pregnant Women
Ovarian Cysts

most common ovarian cyst in pregnancy
body is called normal pregnancy structure. This structure, hormone to pregnancy
support and may disappear in the future or may
It can grow.

Cysts caused by the body in pregnancy
the probability of creating problems is very low. Except this; More young mothers
“Functional Cysts görülen seen in candidates may continue during pregnancy.
These cysts crack one of the follicles that occur at the time of ovulation.
instead of continuing to grow, it consists of cysts. In these cysts
The way to find out if it will cause problems in pregnancy is the diameter of the cyst.
It is unknown.

Although rare, for any suspected malignant cyst, pregnancy
period without surgery is taken. In case of doubt,
can give more detailed information about the cyst.

diameter of 5-10 cm, pregnant unless the opposite situation is encountered.
intervening in women is not preferred. But cyst
If the diameter is 10 cm or more, it is more convenient to remove the cyst by surgery.
Waiting when the size of the cyst is so high, the risk of torsion and malignant cyst
It may be risky because it may bring the possibility of being on the agenda.


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