Pregnancy uterine fibroids and surgery

Pregnancy uterine fibroids and surgery

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Uterine fibroids,
smooth muscle of the uterus
It is the name given to a benign mass that derives its origin from its tissue. Mion, among the people
Is the wrong word for “uterine fibroids kel.

The fibroids
It is completely caused by the uterine muscle. It is unlikely that it will develop into cancer, and therefore is considered benign.
They are the audience. Since it is very common in women, it is also

uterine fibroids are more common in first-time mothers and
Also, the risk of uterine fibroids is slightly increased.

The fibroids
may want to occur in various places. Close distance to the inner layer of the uterus
sometimes they can completely settle into the uterine muscle. In another case,
is located in the outer part of the uterus.

Not to underestimate fibroids too much
necessary. Because in very rare cases it prevents you from getting pregnant
Possible problems when they occur during pregnancy.
It can create. In this case, a closer follow-up is required.

Fibroids occur in pregnancy
the risks arising with the arrival of the uterus in the foreground,
in the second place depends on the size and number of fibroids.

Mostly recurrent abortions, early
risk of birth and postpartum hemorrhage. Mother with uterine fibroids
candidates, the probability of birth by cesarean section is increasing.

Most problematic during pregnancy
fibroids are “submucous”, so this type of fibroids
When a woman is diagnosed with a surgical method
removal is recommended. For this method, vaginal access or abdominal route
transportation is applied.

Applied for removing uterine fibroids
operations after surgery, adhesion and
uterine fibroids in the pre-pregnancy period, as they may cause obstruction.
Care should be taken for operation.

In previous pregnancy, myoma
for a new pregnancy

During the operation, inside the uterus
If the layer is damaged, uterine contractions occur in normal birth
Cesarean section is preferred because of the risk of tearing.
In other cases, the expectant mother may prefer normal birth but tearing of the uterus
even in the slightest suspicion suggesting, can return to birth by cesarean section.


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