Spots remaining on the face after pregnancy

Spots remaining on the face after pregnancy

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Percentage spots due to hormonal changes during and after pregnancy
possible and normal. These stains, sun rays a little more
triggers. If you do not receive treatment, they may become permanent. For stains
While there are no precise solutions, you have a high chance of minimizing them.

These stains, which are mostly brown, can be discolored during pregnancy.
If you intend to be treated, you should wait for 6 months after birth.
It will be.

You should definitely go to a specialist skin doctor for treatment. In this process, the sun
against high-factor sunscreen. Even cloudy
use a sunscreen.
You can take.

Blemishes can also be seen around the neck or chest outside the face. Sun exposure
treatment of the regions is quite difficult. So as far as the sun's rays
stay away. The sun causes pigmentation in your skin to increase
spots become permanent. Especially for white-skinned women
the probability is even higher.

Pregnancy stain does not occur only in pregnant women;

Laser treatment

Contraceptive Pills

Uses sunlight makeup

Direct sunlight after waxing women

Once these stains are seen, the persistence of stains with winter sun is minimized.
Downloaded. But in the summer, stains darken and a new one can be added.

Cosmetic Methods for Birthmarks;

Preparations are natural

Chemical peelings

Laser Therapy


Various medical methods

With these methods, stains can be alleviated or completely eliminated. But
it will reappear unless you receive preventive support treatment.

For these stains, a medical mask and medical treatment
You can start. This treatment lasts approximately 3 months. 3. at the end of the month
When you receive a 9-month preventive treatment,
You will be. This treatment also prevents the re-emergence of stains
It will be. Eighty percent of mothers who do not have stain
has been successful.

Care Cure


4 crushed strawberries

1 spoon of lemon juice

After mixing strawberries with lemon juice, crawl to the stained area. 20 minutes
After waiting, wash the area with warm water.




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