Things to know about postpartum menstruation

Things to know about postpartum menstruation

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Women's body after birth
Prepare to become pregnant. Women 35-40 during their lifetime
years, menstrual periods. In this time, women average 70
times they have seen menstruation. Differences in pregnancy and lactation
This order shows that it wants to return to its original state after this process. This
pituitary gland is the main reason for menstruation. Pituitary
The presence of the gland suppresses the menstrual cycle of the brain and ovaries.
Bleeding that starts immediately after pregnancy is not a period and
This bleeding lasts for 40 days and loses its effect over time.
If the breastfeeding continues after the Loisa has ended after the bleeding, the menstrual cycle is late.
It can begin. Hormones secreted during breastfeeding
It is triggered. Secreted prolactin hormone high levels of milk hormone
with secretion spreads to the body. Linked to how long breastfeeding lasts
As each woman's menstruation period varies. made
Sometimes menstruation of breastfeeding mothers 5 times a day and 10 minutes according to research
bleeding starts, but may be irregular. Mothers who do not breast-feed their babies
menstruation in the 4th or 8th weeks following the birth.
It can be initiated. During this period, the frequency of breastfeeding
and the duration of breastfeeding. End of Löhuşa period
women may not have regular menstruation. Such an
consult your doctor as there may be several causes of irregularity.

Breastfeeding period

Ovulation of breastfeeding mothers
suppression is not enough to prevent pregnancy. The arrival of milk
information that protects from pregnancy is not entirely accurate because breastfeeding
Pregnant women even during lactation due to developing eggs
remained. During breastfeeding periods
intermittent pregnancy test to avoid pregnancy
is recommended. Even after the end of the breastfeeding period or when reduced
If there are no menstrual periods or irregularities, consult a physician.
Bleeding during breastfeeding may cause anxiety for mothers. Most
Although there is no serious cause under time
It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers consult a physician.

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