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What are the Symptoms of Birth?

What are the Symptoms of Birth?

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What are the Symptoms of Birth?

Everything seems so simple on TV! In the morning, the pregnant woman wakes up, puts her hand on her belly, wakes her sleeping husband calmly and says, “It's time, honey.. We wonder, how did this woman know it was time?

How can he understand with such calm and confidence that birth has begun even though he has never given birth before? In fact, we awaken in complete uncertainty in real life.

These are real labor pains Or is it again the lying Braxton Hicks contractions? Should I wake my husband? Should I call the doctor in the middle of the night and report this as a false birth?

What if I'm late to go to the hospital? The questions in your mind multiply faster than pain and contractions.

The truth is that that birth has begun Most women who are worried about not understanding will ultimately understand this. Because of instincts, chances or doubts that are so severe that there is no room for doubt, the majority will go to the hospital neither early nor late.

Still, you don't have to take this chance. Learning about prenatal symptoms, false and true birth symptoms in advance will eliminate your astonishment and worries.

Nobody knows exactly what triggered the birth. A group of natural substances produced by the body (prostaglandins) are believed to be very important in this process.

Pregnancy produced by the uterus during prostaglandins is known to increase thoroughly during normal birth.

These substances stimulate the muscles in the uterus and the pituitary gland. oxytocin they trigger their release. Both are important factors in the onset of labor.

Drugs that inhibit prostaglandin effect, such as aspirin, can delay delivery.

It is most likely a partnership between the infant, the placenta and the mother.

Upcoming Symptoms

Prenatal physical changes may occur one hour before or one month before. The prenatal feature is the thinning and dilation of the cervix, but only your doctor will notice it.

There are several changes that you may notice;

  • Stroke and settlement:For the first time a mother will usually begin to descend into the pelvis within two to four weeks before birth. But in later births this symptom may not be noticed. Pelvic region and increased sensation of pressure in the breech: The effect of the load on the infant comes down.
  • Weight loss or cessation of weight gain: In the ninth month, weight gain generally slows down, and even as birth approaches, some women lose a few pounds.
  • Change in energy level:Women in the ninth month of pregnancy feel increasingly tired. Some experience the opposite energy surplus.
  • Disappearance of slimy plug: As the cervix begins to thin and open, the slimy plug plugs the uterine outlet. This substance is excreted from the vagina one or two weeks before the first real contractions or as soon as birth begins.
  • Pink or Bloody Engagement: As the cervix dilates and dilates, the capillaries often crack and make the discharge pink. This means that the engagement will usually begin within 24 hours of birth. But the engagement can be seen two to three days before birth. For this reason, you should wait for the onset of regular pain or water before you go to the hospital.
  • Intensification of Braxton Hicks contractions: These contractions, which start after the 20th week of your pregnancy and are a birth rehearsal, are the stretching of the muscles of the uterus for real contractions that will push the baby. These contractions are usually in the form of painless contractions and vary in duration from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. At the end of the ninth month, Braxton Hicks contractions become more frequent and exacerbated by the end of your pregnancy. Sometimes it can also be painful and it is difficult to separate them from actual birth contractions.
  • Diarrhea:Some women may have diarrhea just before birth begins.

What are the Symptoms of False Birth?

If you have: real birth has not yet started.

  • contractions if not regular and the frequency and severity do not increase
  • If the pain is felt down the abdomen instead of the back
  • If you have contractions by walking and changing your posture
  • If the engagement came; If the color is brown (bright red blood, you can call your doctor immediately).
  • Brown engagement is something that is usually seen within 48 hours after sexual intercourse or vaginal examination.
  • If the baby's movements increase with contractions for a short time

What Are Real Birth Symptoms?

Prenatal contractions if it has become stronger and more frequent, it will come to mind whether it is true birth. Probably true birth if:

  • If contractions increase when you move and do not decrease after changing posture
  • The pain begins on the back and spreads to the abdomen (it can also spread to the legs). And if he comes at regular intervals and doesn't stop by the rest. Look at how many minutes your pains come, you don't need to be alarmed unless you come too often (every five minutes or more).
  • Contractions are becoming more frequent and painful and often (but not always) regular. The severity increases as the birth progresses.
  • Pink or bloody engagement arrive
  • The rupture of the water sac. Surrounding the baby and amniotic fluid Before the birth of the pouch containing a part of the water tear off and suddenly discharge.

If the baby's head has entered the birth path, the amount of water coming to the road closes is not much. When the water comes, you should go to the hospital even if the pains have not started because there is a possibility that the baby will be infected with the disease.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

8 Signs of Birth Approaching!

The excitement of being a mother is the same for many women. Although the birth and delivery process differs from woman to woman, even from the birth of the same woman at different times, her symptoms are the same in almost all women. When you learned about your pregnancy and appeared to your obstetrician, she asked you for your last menstrual period and told you an estimated date of birth for your baby.

However, only 4% of births occur at these dates. There could be many reasons. Therefore, expectant mothers signs of childbirth It is very important that they have an idea about.

If you know these symptoms and follow yourself and your baby well, you can ease your fears more easily in the coming days.

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Well how to understand the birthLet's look together, which symptoms will show you that your baby is on the way.

Baby Falling Down

If you become a mother for the first time, the baby starts to change your womb position about a few weeks before the time of birth.

The pressure you feel in the rib cage gradually disappears and baby pelvis correctly positioned. The pressure to your bladder is more comfortable, as it makes you more comfortable to breathe and makes you aware of the situation. frequent toilet needs may cause you to feel.

If you are a woman who has already given birth, this symptom may not show until the last moment.

Differentiation of cervix

Changes in the cervix, also called cervix, can give us clues about many things. Normal times softness of the cervix Ovulation follow-up can be made by looking at, softening and opening of the cervix as a sign of the birth is coming up.

However, it is difficult for you to notice this change. Your doctor will want to see you more often as the birth approaches. To see if delivery is approaching during the examination vaginal examination may want to do.

If you have already given birth and Your vaginal opening 1cm or more, your birth may come and go.

However, if this is your first pregnancy, such an opening does not usually mean that delivery will take place immediately.

What week does normal birth occur? You can watch our video.

Increased contractions

The cause of the pregnancy is unknown Braxton Hicks contractions it is often mistaken for birth pains.

These contractions, which are an expression of preparation for birth, do not increase in frequency and severity like birth pains. It can poll you at any time during the day.

If these contractions frequency and severity increasescan be counted as a sign of birth.

With contractions back pain also livable. Ultimately, your body and bones are in great preparation for childbirth and have no hesitation in telling you.

Bloody discharge

It is the event of discharge of the mucus which protects the uterus and the baby from external factors during pregnancy.

Having sexual intercourse in the last weeks of pregnancy may also cause this mucus layer to deteriorate and be thrown out.

This mucus, which has a slightly pelthic appearance, pinkish or reddish can be a color or transparent.

The arrival of this stream is a sign that the uterus is now ready for birth. The current can come at once, or it can be thrown out in pieces on different days. You should not panic when you encounter this current, you should tell your doctor.

Does it mean that delivery will start immediately?

Birth can begin within a few hours, or may begin after a few days. Therefore, you should not be worried immediately.

Further Study of the Intestines, Diarrhea

As your birth approaches, many muscles in your body begin to relax, as well as your uterus muscles. This relaxation, rectum located in your area It also applies to your muscles.

This can cause you to go to the toilet frequently and have diarrhea. Although there is no fear, nausea and vomiting are possible.

Weight Loss

Except in exceptional circumstances, women gain weight regularly during pregnancy. Especially in recent months, this purchase can be accelerated and edema may occur. However, with the approach of birth may stop weight gain, your edema may be lost and you can even lose a few pounds.

Don't worry, the lost weight will be from you, not from your baby.

Unknown Energy Coming

In the last months of pregnancy, you may feel tired and restless because the abdomen grows too big, the movements are restricted, and there are problems in basic needs such as breathing and sleeping.

However, many women have a sudden prenatal energy burst It is observed. Suddenly, that tired and sluggishly put aside, you can find yourself cleaning your home.

It may sound interesting, but it is perhaps a force that nature gives you to welcome your baby and be ready for birth.

Water Arrival

Most popular and popular normal birth symptoms The first place among the water comes.

Just like in movies or TV series, the emphasis on the woman's pregnancy is made with nausea, and the emphasis on the birth will begin with the introduction of water. So if your water has arrived, birth is starting!

Your baby is full of fluid from the beginning of pregnancy. in the amniotic sac It develops. This means that the bladder explodes and the fluid will flow out, meaning that the baby cannot stand in the womb any longer and is more susceptible to infection.

Therefore, even if your water is discharged at a time, it should be reported to your doctor. Nevertheless, do not panic immediately, the arrival of your water does not mean that you will immediately give birth.

When to go to the hospital?

Firstly with your doctor following your pregnancy What are the symptoms of birth and what symptoms should you do, be sure to talk.

Knowing what to do when you are at ease will help you and give birth fear. You may want to panic and act as soon as your contractions begin. In particular, spouses may be more excited and anxious than mothers.

However, it is best to first inform your doctor about your current situation.

Frequency of contractions Less than 5 minutes and at least 30 seconds will require you to go to the hospital.

Of course, you should know the difference between false birth pains and true birth pains. If you're not sure, you can try taking a warm shower.

False contractions usually disappear after showering. If your contractions are still going on and increasing, then birth is beginning.

The last weeks of expectant mothers spend both the excitement of meeting their babies and the stress of birth. However, it is important to remember that birth is a different experience for many women, even though it is painful.

Instead of fear of birth signs of childbirth You can try to enjoy every moment by knowing about. In the end, remember that something tiny but wonderful is waiting for you.

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